How to Make a Roblox Game Icon

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Game icon is a marketing tool so that if you make game icon for your Roblox game by yourself, you have to make sure that it can sell your game. It means that you have to make sure that the game icon that you create can attract people so that they click on Play button immediately after they see the game icon.

If you want to make Roblox game icon, you need the help of a software. You are able to use any software that can help you in creating game icon such as Paint.Net, Adobe Photoshop and many other softwares. But now, we are going to show you how to make game icon by using Paint.Net.

The first thing that you have to do to make game icon in Paint.Net is of course making sure that you have this software in your PC. If you do not have this software, you need to download it first. After you download it, then you have to open Paint.Net. Next, open the image that you want to use for the game icon. After that, you open the image, now you have to open the game in Develop. Now, you van start making the icon.

You need to know the size that you need for your game icon. The size for game icon in Roblox is square with maximum dimensions of 512 x 512 pixels. For your information, when you upload the icon, it will be scaled down to smaller sizes throughout the Roblox site and app. Because it will be rescaled, so some details of the game icon may be lost especially text. So, you need to preview your icon at smaller size like 128 x 128 and then you have to make sure that the details remain clear.

After you know the size, you can adjust the template size in your editing software. There is no specific steps to make a game icon because the steps of making game icon will be different from one person to another because it depends on the elements that you want to include in your game icon. However, you are able to watch some video tutorials of how to create a game icon for Roblox in Youtube such as a video of Surrealism entitled Roblox Tutorial: Game Icon uploaded on January 16th, 2016; a video of nyght entitled Roblox – How To Make A Game Icon! [Free] uploaded on August 30th, 2016; a video of tearsoof entitled How To Make A Game Icon | Roblox (Free) uploaded on September 3rd, 2017; a video of PlayerGamer entitled [Roblox Tutorial] How To Make Game Icon uploaded on January 14th, 2018; a video of Cool George90 entitled How To Make A Roblox Game Icon W/!! uploaded on June 9th, 2018 and many more.

When you make a game icon, besides considering the size, you also need to think about the colours, fonts, saturation, contrast, and the compositions in the game icon. These things are important to think because game icon is a marketing tool for your game so that the game icon must be awesome and can be attractive.

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