How to Get Translator in Bee Swarm Simulator

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In the game of Bee Swarm Simulator, there is translator. Do you know what it is? It is item which permits the user to speak with Gifted Bucko Bee, Stick Bug and Gifted Riley Bee. If now you need this, you may want to know how to get get so we will try to explain it.

In the description, it is written that a device used to decipher languages you do not understand. If you want to use a translator, you have to talk to the NPC that you want to use the translator on. Then, the NPC will talk to you in its language and then there will be the option to give the translator to the NPC or leave. You have to click on the option to give the translator if you want to talk to the NPC.

Translator is single use and if you have given an NPC a translator, the translator will be taken away from from your inventory. However, you will be able to speak with them forever. If then you use a translator on a NPC accidentally, you are able to leave the game as the translator only gets gets taken away after you finish to that NPC.

You are able to get all three translators and all three translators from Science Bear. He will provide you with a translator if you can complete the quests including Limits of Language, Beesperanto, and Epistemological Endeavor. In each Translator, there are 5 quest difference including Limits of Language being the 21st quest, Beesperanto being the 26th and Epistemological Endeavor being the 31st. You are able to acquire a total of 3 translators throughout the game so that you are able to speak to all three of the creatures that require translators. If you do not have translators, it is impossible to be able to take the quests, receive rewards, talk or give presents, to Gifted Bucko Bee, Stick Bug and Gifted Riley Bee.

If you want to get the Translator in the Limits of Language quest, you have to discover 25 Bee types, earn 10 Hotshot Badges, collect 250 Token Link Tokens, craft 50 Ingredients with the Blender, and collect 5,000,000 Pollen from the Dandelion Field. Besides getting translator, the rewards of this quest are 2,502,907 Honey, 1x Science Enhancement and 10x Ticket.

If you want to get Translator in the Beesperanto quest, you have to discover 30 bee types, get a Carpenter Bee, collect 200 Sunflower Seed Tokens, collect 400 Pineapple Tokens, collect 40,000,000 White Pollen, collect 800,000 Goo from the Strawberry Field, collect 800,000 Goo from the Bamboo Field, collect 800,000 Goo from the Pineapple Patch, collect 16,000 Ability Tokens, use 32 Royal Jellies, craft 64 Ingredients with the Blender and collect 1,280 Focus Tokens. After completing this quest, you will also get 25,600,000 Honey, 15x Ticket, 1x Star Jelly, and 1x Science Enhancement.

To get translator in the Epistemological Endeavor, you have to find 35 Bee types, collect 268,435,456 Pollen from the Sunflower Field, collect 268,435,456 Pollen from the Pineapple Patch, collect 268,435,456 Pollen from the Pumpkin Patch, collect 4,096 Honey Tokens, collect 4,096 Boost Tokens, collect 4,096 Focus Tokens, collect 512 Melody Tokens, collect 512 Rage Tokens, feed 101 Moon Charms to your Bees, use 10 Glue, use 10 Blue Extracts, use 10 Red Extracts, craft 101 Ingredients with the blender, defeat 101 Rhino Beetles, defeat 10 Werewolfs and defeat 1 Tunnel Bear. Besides getting translator, in this quest you will also get 314,159,265 Honey, x1 Science Enhancement, x20 Ticket, x10000 Treats, x2 Star Jelly, x4 Glitter, x4 Enzymes, and x4 Glue.

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