How to Get the Glitter in Bee Swarm Simulator

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If you like playing the game of Bee Swarm Simulator, you may will be familiar with a thing named Glitter. It is a crafting item that used to craft accessories. You are able to use this glitter to give you +100% Pollen in the field you are standing in boost for 15 minutes. Besides, it is also required as an ingredient for crafting Star Jelly.

For your information, the Gummy Mask, Gummy Boots, Bubble Mask, Beekeeper’s Mask, Crimson Guard, Cobalt Guard, and the Diamond Mask each require differing amounts of Glitter to be purchased. You have to note that glitter has 15 minute and 5 second cooldown between uses. Of course, this is to prevent the user from stacking the item’s buff for one field. However, Glitter cannot be used in the Ant Challenge Field that attempting to do this will result in the following message: “You can’t boost a challenge field”.

Talking about Glitter, in this article we are going to share how to get the Glitter in Bee Swarm Simulator. We are sure that you want to know its information. Apparently, there are also many BBS players who look for this information. As a player of Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator (BSS), of course it is very important for you to know this information.



  • The Glitter can be dropped from mobs, such as the Tunnel Bear, Stump Snail, King Beetle, Mantis, Scorpion and Werewolf.
  • All sprouts have a possibility of generating a Glitter token (possibilities differ depending on the type of sprout).
  • The glitter can be generated in place of a Moon Charm by Fireflies during the Night Cycle.
  • The Dandelion Field, the Pineapple Patch and the Spider Field have a small possibility of generating a Glitter token while harvesting.
  • A rare drop from the leaves, sparkles and Festive Gift (gifted exclusive drop).


  • Certain quests in the Science Bear’s Translator quest line are going to give you a reward, Glitter.
  • Most quests in Spirit Bear’s quest line reward Glitter.
  • The glitter can be obtained as a rare reward from repeatable quest lines.


  • The Glitter is able to be crafted by using the Blender inside the Badge Bearer’s Guild (25 Moon Charms, 1 Magic Bean).
  • You are able to get the glitter by redeeming certain codes of Bee Swarm Simulator.
  • You are able to get the glitter by purchasing special packs in the Robux Shop.
  • You will be able to get the glitter by donating items to the Wind Shrine.
  • You are able to get the glitter that given by a Tester’s gift (It was obtainable by getting in the top 1000 for All-Time Honey made in the Bee Swarm Simulator Public Test Realm).


In addition, you need also to know some places you can go to get the glitter.

  • In the Diamond Room, exactly in the front of Diamond Mask.
  • Behind the Gummy Boots’ honeycomb in the Gummy Bear’s Lair.

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