How to Get Free Animations on Roblox

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In Roblox catalog, you are able to find a lot of animation packages and those animations can be bought by using a lot of Robux. If you do not have enough Robux now, you maybe think of getting them for free. But, is it possible?

Animations that can be found in Roblox catalog are Ninja Animation Package for R$ 750, Stylish Animation Pack for R$ 80, Robot Animation Pack for R$ 80, Elder Animation Package for R$ 250, Knight Animation Package for R$ 500, Bubbly Animation Package for R$ 250, Pirate Animation Package for R$ 750, Levitation Animation Pack for R$ 1,000, Zombie Animation Pack for R$ 500, Mage Animation Package for R$ 250, Astronaut Animation Package for R$ 500, Vampire Animation for R$ 500 and Werewolf Animation Pack for R$ 500.

If you want to buy these animations, there is no other ways except buying it. If now, you do not have a lot of Robux for buying them, you have to collect your Robux first and then after you collect your Robux as you need, you are able to use it to buy the animations that you want.

If you search a way to get these animations for free in some video tutorials in Youtube, you are able to see that they use Inspect Element method. You have to know that do not trust it. Using Inspect Element is a virtual scam. So, if you get the animation by using Inspect Element, virtually you get get it but in a fact, you do not get it. After you did Inspect Element and then you refresh your Roblox page, the item that you have got will be gone.

However, in Roblox catalog, there are some free animations that you can get without having to spend your Robux. One of them is Rthro Animation Package. This item is free so everyone can get it without having to spend their Robux. Now, this animation has been favorited more than 39K times. The things that he can do are running, walking, falling, jumping, idling, swimming and climbing.

If you want to get this Rthro Animation Package it is very easy. The first thing that you have to do is going to Roblox catalog. After that, you have to search Rthro Animation Package in the search bar. Or, when you are in the catalog, you are able to scroll down and then click on View All Featured Items. After that click on Relevance and then choose Price Low to High so that the list will be sorted from the lowest price to the highest price and it makes you easier in finding free animations and other items which are free.

In the given list, you can find the Rthro Animation Package. Click that and then you will be brought to the Rthro Animation Package page. In that page, click on Get. You will get confirmation message which ask you whether you want to get the bundle Rthro Animation Package from Roblox. Click on Get Now to confirm. Done and now this animation is yours.

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