How to Get a Job at Roblox

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Having a good career is a dream of every person in the world. You may also dream about it so that you think of working in a good company. Roblox is one of good companies that you are able to choose to build your career. But, you may not know how to get a job in that company and now you need some information about it.

Roblox is a great place to work for everyone and they like to see the enthusiastic people join their company. If you want to work at Roblox, you need to know that you must be at least 18 years old or older to work for Roblox. You are able to view the current Roblox employment opportunities on Job Application Site in Roblox. Or, you are able to view it by clicking on the Jobs link at the bottom of each Roblox web page.

How to Find the Job Vacancies

When you access Job Application Site in Roblox, you will be at In this page, you are able to check the job vacancies by clicking on See Open Positions. Then, you will be brought to the lower page and there are some boxes with drop down menu and you can choose what job that you need there. The boxes consist of Department, Group and Location. So, you are able to find the job vacancies based on your skills and major of your study. In the Department section, the options are Business, Engineering, HR/ People Team, Internships, Legal, Product, and Roblox China. After choosing it, there will be some options of positions. For example, if you choose Engineering, there will be Engineering Manager – Catalog, Technical Director, Audio Software Engineer, Automated Test & Tools Engineer, Backed Engineer – Data Services, and many more. If you choose the options in Group, it will make the option more specific. When you click on Locations and choose it, you can also know the position that is available in certain location.

How to Apply to a Position in Roblox

If you find the suitable position that you like, then you are able to apply to Roblox. So, you can click on the position that you want and then you will be brought to another page where there is a description about the job. Scroll down and then in the bottom of the page there will be a form for applying the job. The form consists of First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Resume/ CV and Cover Letter which must be attached, LinkedIn Profile, and also website of you have. After that, do not forget to click on Submit Application button.

If you work at Roblox, you will be able to get some benefits and Perks including flexible vacation policy; excellent medical, dental and vision benefits; rewarding 401(k) program; life insurance and disability benefits; daily lunch and fully stocked kitchens with unlimited snacks; commuter benefits and onsite fitness center and fitness program credit.

So, if you are interested in working at Roblox, you are able to try to apply to one of the position. Make sure that you make a good resume and cover letter so that you can be chosen. Also, do not forget to learn much about Roblox and prepare anything. Who knows that you are chosen to take an interview.

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