How to Fix Roblox Not Loading

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When trying to access Roblox, it is not impossible we face some problem. One of the problem that can be faced is the condition where Roblox is not loading. Actually, this is categorized into a general connections problems. If you face this problem, you surely need to fix it.

There are several signs of general connection problems. Besides failing to load games, it also sometimes shows an error messages which says that it cannot connect or ID-17 Failure. Another sign of connection problem is loading screen on the site takes a long time or even never finished to load. Being able to visit games in the Build or Edit modes but not in Play mode and games which are telling you that they have shut down are also signs of connection problems. So, how to fix it?

Before we tell you how to fix it, you need to know the reasons behind this problem. This kind of error can happen because of firewall problem, slow internet connection or big game, empty game or place and bad game or place. How to fix this problem? There are several efforts that you are able to do to fix it. First, you are able to try to make sure that you are using a supported browser. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser to Play Roblox. If you are not able to load Roblox even though you are using the latest version of your browser, you are able to try playing Roblox on different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

If the effort above does not help you, you can try another effort. Try to reset your internet options but it is for Windows only. If you want to do this, you need to note that it needs the use of Internet Explorer bu it can fix a lot of problems even for you who use other browsers like Firefox or Chrome. If you want to reset your internet options, the first thing that you have to do is opening Internet Explorer. After opening it, open the gear icon and then choose Internet Options. Then, you have to open the Advanced tab and then click on the Reset button. Now, you have to close Internet Explorer and then try playing Roblox again.

Checking Wireless Connection is also one of efforts to fix this problem. You are able to rule out the wireless connection by switching to a wired connection if it is possible. If it is not the connection or if you are not able to try a wired connection, you can check the setting of your firewall. Removing or disabling any Ad-Blocker browser Add-Ons can also help you. For your information, Browser Add-Ons/ Extensions can cause some issues, especially Ad-blockers can stop a game from fully loading. So, you can try to remove or disable it.

If the methods above cannot help you at all, then the last thing that you can do is removing Roblox from your Computer and then reinstall it. So, you can try the methods above one by one first and then if they cannot help, remove Roblox and reinstall it.

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