How to Fix Roblox Not Launching

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Roblox is one of the most favorite platforms to play games. Everyone loves playing games in this platform. However, it does not make Roblox being 100% perfect. Sometimes, there are some issues encountered by some Roblox players. One of the most popular issues is Roblox cannot be able to be launched.

Apparently, this kind of thing is related to the connection. Some signs of connection problems are Roblox has trouble with or fails to load online games and shows the player the error message saying that Roblox cannot connect, loading screen on the site that takes time or never finishes to load, player is able to visit the Build or Edit modes but not in Play mode, and games randomly or consistently tell you that they need to shut down.

There are some possibilities behind of all issues. The first one is known as frequently a firewall problem, though it can be the result of the low bandwidth connection or the inconsistent wireless connection. The second one is the slow internet connection or big game. When you are playing on the internet on really slow service and the game is big, it can take a good time to actually download the map. Please give it a little while. The third one is the empty game or place. In case the map seems to be running, but is unusually devoid of stuff, then the map did in fact load. The creator of the game probably just did not build anything in it, so it is empty. You are able to tell when the map is done loading once the avatar appears. The fourth one is bad game or place. Simply, the game could be just bad. It could be a bad script in it or it has too many objects that is preventing the game from running properly. You can inform the creator of the problem as only the creator that will be able to repair it.

Then, what should you do? There are a plenty of methods that you can try. The first one s to make sure that you are using the supported browser which is the most updated version of it. If you face the issue playing with the current browser, please try playing on the different one.

The second one is to reset the Internet Options (for Windows only). Sometimes, a simple reset of the Internet Options is all that you need. Please take a note that these steps will need to use Internet Explorer, but will fix a lot of problems even for players that use the other browsers. The steps are opening the Internet Explorer, opening the gear icon > Internet options, opening the Advanced tab, clicking the Reset button, closing the Internet Explorer, and trying to play again.

Aside from all the methods, some other methods that you can try to fix the issue are checking the security settings of the browser, checking wireless connection, removing or disabling any ad blocker browser add ons, making sure that appropriate ports are open, configuring the firewall and or router, and reinsatlling Roblox.

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