How to Fix Error Code 517 Roblox

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When we face an error in Roblox, it is surely an annoying thing. Moreover, when we are excited to play games in Roblox but suddenly getting an error message, it can ruin our mood. However, it must be fixed by searching the cause of the error so that we can enjoy the game again.

An error is defined as a piece of information which is displayed when an unexpected event happens. This message is used when user intervention is required to indicate that a desired operation has failed. Or it can happen to relay important warnings. In Roblox, if you face an error in the game, you will get a dialog box which show up with a message usually requiring you to rejoin, mainly on another server and it causes the background of the game to blur. If you rejoin the same server, you will get another error.

During you play games in Roblox, have you ever faced error code 517? Based on Roblox Wikia, this error is one of the common game client error messages. This error can happen with a message which says:

  • This game is currently unavailable. Please try again later. (Error Code: 517)
  • This game has ended. (Error Code: 517)

Error code 517 can happen when a client tries to join a server that is now shutting down. If the server has been shut down, the client will receive the error code: 523 instead. It can also happen when you uninstall Roblox while in-game. Also, this error can happen when you get disconnected and to enter the similar server that they disconnected from via friend join or other errors.

If in the message there is a note that the game is unavailable and you are able to try again, you can do as it says. You can play the game several hours later or even a day later to join the game. We know it is unpleasing but you can try this method. Then, if you have tried this method but you still get the error code 517, you can try another method.

As we have mentioned that this error can happen because you remove Roblox during the game. In addition, this error can also happen because you uninstall the game while you are running an active VIP server. If it happens, you are able to try to disable the server quickly and re-enable it and then rejoin the game.

If you have tried these two methods but you still face the error, you can try to unistall Roblox and then re-install it. After that, try to join a game again and then see whether you still face the problem or not. If you have tried these methods but you still get the error message code 517, you are able to consult it to other Roblox players in a forum or group. Who knows that there are other players who also face this problem and then they can solve it by the method that they have tried. Alternatively, you are able to contact Roblox at to get a help.

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