How to Convert Robux Into Real Money

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You may have heard that in Roblox you are able to convert your Robux into real money. And it makes you motivated to make a good games on Roblox. You surely want to know how to convert your Robux into real money and also the current rate. So, read this article until the end.

In Roblox, Roblox developers have the ability to convert their Robux into real money but you need to know that not all developers can convert Robux into real money. Developers who can convert Robux into real money must meet the requirement and also the terms of Roblox. Before knowing the requirements, now let’s see the rates of current rate. Now, the rate of Robux is $00035/R$ and it comes out to $350 USD for 100,000 Robux. This rate is applied to all Robux earned on after March 1, 2017. This rate is different with the old rate. The old rate of Robux is $0025/R$ and it comes out to $250 USD for 100,000 Robux. Now, this old rate is not used anymore because it was applied to all Robux earned before March 1, 2017.

How to cash out? As we mentioned above that you are able to cash out or convert your Robux into real money if you meet the requirements of Roblox. Some of the requirements are as follows.

  • You need to own Roblox Premium membership.
  • In your Roblox account, there must be minimum of 100,000 earned Robux.
  • You have to own email address which is verified.
  • You need to have DevEx portal account and it must be valid.
  • Your age now is 13 years old or more.
  • The community member is in good standing and have complied with Roblox’s Terms of Use.

Based on the requirements above, we are able to conclude that if you earn 100,000 Robux or more, you are eligible to convert your virtual earnings to real world cash and you can try to cash out to see whether you have chance to convert your Robux.

If you meet all the requirements of DevEX above, you will be able to see a Cash Out button at the DevEx page and you have to click it. After clicking it, then you have to follow the instructions to get your payment started. It is recommended for you to familiarize yourself with the tax treatment of DevEx payments and the fees associated with different payment methods on DevEx transactions before you cash out.

In case your request is approved, and in case this is your first time cashing out, you will get an email which invites you to create an account on Roblox DevEx portal. You will be directed to enter your information at account creation. Then, you need to notice that you have to make sure your information that you entered is accurate into the DexEx portal and is kept up to date at all times. The information that you give is used to ensure that all payments comply with laws and regulations.

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