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Sometimes, finding a script for exploit is not easy. It is because the act of exploit is bannable and even some exploits has been patched by Roblox so that the exploit does not work anymore. But, is it easy to find Parkour script? If so, where can we get it? You can try to find it in Pastebin website.

Have you heard about Pastebin website? Pastebin is a site where you are able to save text online and it can be accessed at This site is generally used by programmers to save pieces of sources code or configuration information but  everyone is more than welcome if they want to paste any type of text. This site is created because the existence of this site can make people more convenient to share large amounts of text online. However, in the site, you are not able to post email lists, password lists or personal information. There is “report abuse” feature that you can use to flag such pastes and then they will be deleted.

If you are looking for Parkour script Roblox in Pastebin website, you are able to be given some results of it. First, you will find Roblox Parkour Script which was posted by JUSTINKOLOSE3095. This script was posted on August 9th, 2014 and now it has been seen more than 24K times. Here is the part of the script.

local player = game:service(“Players”).LocalPlayer

local mouse = player:GetMouse()

local cam = workspace.CurrentCamera

local char = player.Chacater

local Torsoz = char:findFirstChild(“Torso”)

local RA = char:findFirstChild(“Right Arm”)

If you want to get more detail of this script, you are able to go to the Pastebin site and then find this script.

Besides the script above, you are also able to find Parkour Script which was published by a guest on July 9th, 2019. Do you want to know the part of the script? Here they are.

–Parkour Script v1

local dual =“ScreenGui”)

local Main =“Frame”)

local title =“TextLabel”)

local duality =“TextButton”)

local info =“TextLabel”)


dual.Name = “dual”

dual.Parent = game.CoreGui

Check Pastebin website to get the detail of this script. Besides this script, another Parkour script that you are able to find is FE Parkour Script and you are able to see the part of the script below!



xl=me.Torso[‘Right Shoulder’]“HopperBin”,pl.Backpack)


local debounce=false


Holder = player.Character

Torso = Holder:FindFirstChild(“Torso”)

RightS = Torso:FindFirstChild(“Right Shoulder”)

LeftS = Torso:FindFirstChild(“Left Shoulder”)

There are still more scripts of Parkour that you are able to find in Pastebin. So, if you need it, you can access the site and then get the script.

Well as we know that exploit has risks. So, if you want to use exploit, you must be ready for the risk that you will get. The risk that you will get in Roblox is that you are able to be banned by Roblox because of the exploit that you use. If you watch some videos about exploit in Youtube, you can see some people give comments that they are got banned because they use exploit. So, before you use an exploit, you have to think twice.

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