How to Change Your Keybinds in Counter Blox

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As we know that Roblox has tons of adorable genre-games that you can play. That’s the reason why lots of gaming-lovers prefer Roblox as their favorite game as well. The genres of Roblox games actually are very diverse such as adventure, horror, fighting, naval, military, sport, FPS, sci-fi, RPG, environmental improvement, home-designed town and city.

Those genres in Roblox games definitely success to attract many gamers in order to play it. That’s because a variety of manifold games just can be found in Roblox as well. In the game of Roblox, you are free to choose the type of game that you love. Well, what is your favorite game in Roblox?

Because of Roblox has dozens of gorgeous games, absolutely it makes the users little bit confused to choose one. Many games in Roblox are inviting and enchanting to play. One of them is FPS genre that becomes a popular game among users in Roblox. The game is mentioned as Counter Blox. As Roblox player, have you ever played this game? If you never play this game as long as you are Roblox player, it is better for you to know more about this.

Counter Blox can be called as a fun and delight game to play. No wonder if this game has been visited for about 320 million visitors until now. This game is created by ROLve Community on September 28, 2015 by the recent update on November 19, 2018. Counter Blox itself must be played by 18 maximum players per server. The good news is that the Counter Blox was only nominated for Bloxy’s in 2016 as ‘Game Of  The Year’, ‘Best Maps, and ‘Best Team Multiplayer Game’. So, your choice to play this game is exactly right.

Then, how to play the Counter Blox? In this game, you are accused of having a high strategy and concentration. If not, you will be eliminated by another team. So, this game works to eliminate the other team and have to complete your objective. If you get away to be a winner, you will receive more money that you can spend on weapons to give to your team as a benefit. Therefore, to play this game, you need a good way and also the tools you use.

The tools include the PC/laptop, keyboard and also a mouse. Then, how to change your keybinds in Counter Blox? Just follow these instructions below to do it!

  • Step 1: Open your mouse software up on your PC. Note: it will be definitely different based on the mouse you use.
  • Step 2: Ensure that the mouse has been connected to your PC and turn this on. This will show Automatic Game Detection, it works for Counter Blox.
  • Step 3: Press the mouse on the right button. Then, click the Mouse Gaming Software.
  • Step 4: Press the empty profile beside the default profile. Then, you fill your name and the description as you want on the available format.
  • Step 5: Press ‘+’, then, you have to find the folder that you have named. Open it. Right click the folder and press open file location.
  • Step 6: Double click on “yourfoldername”Playerbeta or press it to open. Then, click OK. In this step, you can customize your buttons.
  • Step 7: After that, you can click the button that you want to customize and press assign new command.
  • Step 8: Press Multi Key. Press whatever key you want. Then, your way to change the keybinds in Counter Blox is definitely done.

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