How to Buy a Pre Built House in Bloxburg

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In the game world called Bloxburg, the house is considered as the important place where the player of Bloxburg lives. The general size of the house plot is 30×30, while the size of the house plot with the big plot gamepass is 50×50.

There are some types of houses on Bloxburg. The first one is The Bloxington Mansion. This one is the biggest and the most expensive house in the game with a backyard, a fully fenced prerimiter. There is the high quality of this house that can boost the stats and teh skills. If you are interest in this house, you have to spend $ 200,000.

The second one is Happy Home of Robloxia. This kind of house if free when you first start the game called Bloxburh. However, the next time you buy this house, you will have to buy it for $ 7,500. This house has the basic necessities. It means, all the items in this house will not do much for your stats or skills. Happy Home of Robloxia is such a small home with only 1 bedroom, 1 cramped kitchen, 1 living room, and 1 bathroom.

The third one is Classic Family Home. This kind of house has a garage with the drive way taht can be used if you want to park teh extra cars. Aside from that, there is the path leading to the front door. Inside the foyer, there are some paintings and pictures, a dresser or a drawer, and a hat or a coat rack. The kitchen of the house is quite big and has a coffee maker and a microwave with a dining table. Some other things are the medium sized living room, the small modern bathroom, and the bedroom. How much does it cost? The price of this house if $ 75,000.

The fourth one is called Cozy Cottage. This one has a porch. Inside teh house is the fairly big living room with some bookshelves, a TV, a sofa, and an armchair. What about the kitchen? It is medium but not that big. As for the bathroom, it is small but has all necessities. in teh house, there are two bedrooms, which one is long in terms of size, but it is not huge. The house has one bed, an armchair, a closet, and an alarm clock. If you want to buy one, you have to prepare $ 20,000.

The last one is Small Suburban. This one is the second most expensive house in Bloxburg taht costs $ 75,000. The house consists of 4 rooms, a garage, and a good amount of space compared to the other pre built houses.

Actually, beside all the five pre built houses on Bloxburg mentioned above, some poeple include teh empty plot on the list. If you play Bloxburg for the first time, you will be recommended to get the Happy Home of Robloxia and delete everything to get the extra cash as a lot of players do that. Before buying the pre built house, it is better for you to consider everything.

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