How to Be Good at MM2 on Roblox

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MM2 (Murder Mystery 2) is a horror game made by Nikilis on January 18, 2014. Based on the research, Roblox has released lots of series of Murder Mystery games, such as The Mad Murder, Murder Mystery, Mad Games, Twisted Murderer, and many others. Those games are so complicated for most players to play. Here are some tips to be good at MM2 (Murder Mystery 2) on Roblox.

  • You have to understand the game. On the game, everyone has a role. They are able to be an Innocent, a Murderer or a Sheriff. There will be one Murderer and one Sheriff per game, and the rest are Innocents. The goal is for the Sheriff to catch and kill the Murderer, while the Innocents have to stay alive.
  • You have to understand the role of the Innocents. The Innocents try to survive from the murder and try to help out the Sheriff. If the Sheriff dies, so the Innocents are able to pick up the sheriff’s gun where he died and kill the murderer. It means the game can still be won.

  • You have to understand the role of the Sheriff. If you are a Sheriff, your goal is trying to kill the murderer before he kills everyone – including you.
  • You have to understand the role of the Murderer. If you are a Murderer, so you have to try killing everybody, even the Sheriff. Please be careful of the Sheriff, or you will  be killed.

Well, the text above is a few tips for you to be good at MM2 (Murder Mystery 2) on Roblox. In addition, here we also want to explain more detail how to be good as an Innocent at teh game of MM2 (Murder Mystery 2).


  • You have to find out who’s the Murderer and the Sheriff. You are able to try to stay near people, but not too close to them. If the Murderer takes out their knife, just run. Please go to where the Sheriff is and tell him/her the Murderer or where a murder occurred.
  • You have to stay near the Sheriff. In case they die, if you are near them, you have the chance to take the gun. You may kill the Murderer with the Sheriff’s gun. Please try to do not follow the Sheriff, because this may make the sheriff think that you are  the murder
  • Please be wary of a Murderer’s perks. You may see someone taking out what looks to be a gun, but it can be a knife. If you see the murder’s hand, looking like he/she is about to throw it, so you have to try to avoid it. In any Murder games, those Perks are found in the Shops. Remember that you have to try to avoid those Perks from the Murderer.
  • You have to find the Sheriff’s gun. If the Sheriff dies, you are able to try to find the gun while you are trying to avoid the Murderer. Sometimes, the murder will hang around the gun.

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