How Much Do Roblox Ads Cost

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Do you have creations in Roblox? If you have some creations in Roblox such as games, clothes, models, decals and other things, you are able to promote them through the Roblox ads. But, before you promote your creations, it is important for you to know the cost that you need for having ads in Roblox.

If you want to advertise in Roblox, there is no exact price that you can pay but of course you have to pay with Robux. The higher the bid that you offer, the frequency of the advertisement will be higher as well. Robux will provide a generalized estimate of frequency of the ads will appear during 24-hour advertising period. Based on Developer page in Roblox, you will not buy the ad space on Roblox but you will bid for it in auction. There is an amount of ad space in Roblox to go around and it is limited. So, an auction is run and the developers who want to pay more will get more impressions.

You are able to imagine that there are 3 ads in the system including:

  • A: The bid amount is 50 Robux.
  • B: The bid amount is 100 Robux.
  • C: The bid amount is 300 Robux.

If a player can load a page on Roblox site, A, B, or C will be shown at random but they are not given the same odds. The opportunities that a specific ad is shown is the same as the bid of the ads which is divided by the total bid for all ads in the system. So, you are able to assume the amount above as like this:

  • the opportunity that A shows is 50/ (50 + 100 + 300) = 1 in 9
  • B, with a bid twice that of A will show twice as often so it will be 2 in 9
  • C with the highest bid will show about 6 times more often than A, so it will be 6 in 9.

In Roblox, there are three different sizes of ads and those are banners, skyscrapers, and rectangles.

So, the most important thing when you want to promote your creations in Roblox is that you need to have a lot of Robux so that you are able to bid higher and your ads will be more often to show. Also, make sure that you make the ads interesting so that people who see the ads will want to click on it.

To make an ad in Roblox, you have to go to Create page in Roblox and then you have to find the item that you want to advertise. After that, you have to click on the gear icon on the right side and choose Advertise. By clicking on it, you will be bought to a page where you are able to get the ad templates and upload ads. If you have created and uploaded the ads, you are able to run an ad campaign. So, prepare your Robux for bidding the ads and good luck!

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