How to Make DBZ in Roblox

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DBZ or Dragon Ball Z Final stand is a game on Roblox platform that was created by a guy named SnakeWorl. You make your character, it can either be your own or a Canon character. On the game, you are able to select between the races; Saiyan, Human, Namekian, Frieza, Android and Majin.

Then, you are able to select your height, width, hair, starter clothes, and accessory. Once you start playing the game, the first thing that you need to do is to get level up. You are able to level up all the way to 500 or above. You also are able to prestige and get stronger. But you have to remember that grinding does take a while, so you cannot exactly get to level 200 in one day.

When you come to this page, you may want to know information about how to make DBZ in Roblox platform? To find out that information, we suggest you to watch a video entitled “How to make DBZ game in Roblox”. That video was published by Tammy Davis on July 27, 2013. On that video, the publisher share a way to make a good DBZ or Dragon Ball Z Final stand game in the platform of Roblox. So, if you want to try to make DBZ in Roblox, you are able to watch its way step by step from that video. After you watch that video, we are sure that you will be able to make DBZ or Dragon Ball Z Final stand game in Roblox platform.

Talking about the game of DBZ or Dragon Ball Z Final stand, you may also want to know the information about the controls of the game. Well, in the text below, you are able to see its explanation.


  • Left click: To punch or kick.
  • Right click: To guard break.
  • Hold space: To fly and ascend.
  • Ctrl: To descend while you are flying.
  • Shift: To run and fly faster.
  • While flying, shift+W x 2: To fly faster (but it drains ki).
  • X: To charge ki (hold longer for better).
  • C: Senzu bean or jar (if you have bough any).
  • Space: To jump.
  • Shift + q: To teleport.
  • G/H: To transform.
  • E: ki blasts.
  • Q: dodge.


  • Hyperbolic time chamber. This game pass allow you to enter the hyperbolic time chamber and train with Goku and level up.
  • Hit’s move set: It make you Hit’s moves, such as time skip and other moves, and also his outfit.
  • God of destruction move set. This game pass give you some god of destruction moves such as hakai, god’s anger, god’s wrath and god of destruction outfit.
  • Faster charge: the name explains itself.
  • Nimbus: It allow you to summon nimbus to create your flight faster and no ki drain.
  • Trunks’ sword: It give you Trunks’ sword with does more damage than regular punches.
  • Babidy’s magic. It allows you to activate the same power as Majin Vegeta’s, basically just boosts your stats.

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