Good Raps for Roblox Rap Battles Clean 2019

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Roblox and rap can be a perfect combination for those who love to play games and are also so into raps. Some people even made a community and invite everyone who share the similar interest as them to join the community. One of them is called Roblox Rap Battles Community which was previously known as Auto Rap Battle Community.

Talking about Roblox and raps, there are a lot of good raps for Roblox floating around the internet. Some of the good ones are entitled “Roblox Rap”, “Auto Rap Battle Rappers”, “Bacon Hair Raps”, “Realdjmik Raps”, and many more. Actually, the term “good raps” is subjective. It depends on you how to interpret it.

As you can guess from the title, “Roblox Rap” is the song about Roblox rap. In the lyric, you are able to see how confident the rapper is as he or she looks down on the other rappers. The rapper stated off the rap created by the other people are just the old school southern rap and he or she is the best when it comes to raps. In general, he or she thinks that he or she is invented raps and the rest are just so so.

The thing called Auto Rap Rappers has Kittyhorrorgamer, 9Shawno, ZaytheproRapper, and Lil Mik featured in it. It is lit. The track was produced by Othleloo_, Sevan & Leloo & Miksevan as the producers.

In the verse 1 of Auto Rap Rappers, Lil Mik takes the stage. The rapper mentions something like if you had a slow type, then you would not be a bunk. When he gets more hits than you, the man will get his drunk. In the same occasion, he also thanks everyone for the hook and he knows his rhymes fire. However, he does not want everyone to drink that carbonated drink. The second verse is Zay’s time. The first thing that he asks is “Wassup” and and then he introduces himself. In the next part, he screams something out of lungs like “Big ish I nap on em” and gives a shout out the Roblox squad and asks them to dab. The hook is taken by the first rapper, Lil Mik. What makes it interesting is the rapper only mention three worlds. Those are “rap battles”, “nigga”, and “go crazy”. Kitty goes off in verse 3. She says that Kayla said she wants more wins. In addition, she also claims that she is her girl. Both of them are unbeaten girls and she just digs boys to twirl. The last verse is the own by Shawn. He wants people to watch out on everything. Each of them is getting rich and everyone is getting mad. Each word that comes from his mouth shows his madness and full of everything to show off. Lil Mik is back to take the last part known as hook part. This part consists of the same lyrics that only has three things which are “rap battles”, “nigga”, and “go crazy”.

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