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You are on this page to look for the information about Giorno Giovanna either for his image or music, aren’t you? For you who are a veteran Roblox player, you may not strange for Giorno Giovanna. Meanwhile for newcomers, it may sounds odd in which they never get for the term in Roblox previously. Well, we present to give you the information about it. So, stay cool on this page, dude!

Giorno Giovanna is one of characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. He is imagined as the protagonist role of Vento Aureo. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a Japanese anime that come from Hirohiko Araki as the illustrator and writer of the story. For anime lovers, the story of Giorno Giovanna is so interesting to follow. So, it is no wonder if many people follow for the story in series. This anime is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump starting from 1987 to 2004.

Perhaps, not little people who are curious to know how the appearance of this character. As the role of anime, Giorno Giovanna is imaged as a teenage boy with slim muscular build body. His hair is golden with moderate length tied back in a short. Besides, he also has braided tail with three distinctive oversized curls in a row over his forehead. He has two awesome eyes in which they are so sharper. Based on the story, his eyes are similar to his father at all.

For the costume, Giorno wears a two-piece suit with a coat tail and several ornaments such as heart-shaped opening in the chest area and wing-shaped emblems on the collars.

Giorno Giovanna is so popular in Roblox. It is because many Roblox players use the picture as the theme. But, it is not just a picture, Giorno Giovanna is successful to attract every player to use his music or song as the players’ theme too. Nowadays, some of Roblox players use the music of Giorno Giovanna as the music theme. Well, if you are so curios how sound of Giorno Giovanna music/song, why not to look for the music on the library of Roblox.

Well, if you are so excited to use the music as the theme of playing games in Roblox, here, we share the song for you.

  • Giorno Giovanna (JJBA) OST MAIN THEME

The first theme of Giorno Giovanna came from legendarygryfer and was made by RiverDude. It was created in December 19, 2019. This main theme song has been favored by 50 favorites by users. You can search it on the library of Roblox with the ID of 2648631057.

  • JoJo Golden Wind for New Main of Giorno’s Theme

The second theme song was created y FrostyWintry on February 24, 2019. However, this song is so popular in which it was loved by 252 Roblox users. To use this theme song, you can look for it with the ID of 2890284127 that you can find on the library of Roblox.

Then, it is not totally wrong for you to use the Giorno Giovanna as your theme song. Make sure to use the song as you really love for it.

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