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Sans is known as the main protagonist or secondary antagonist of the Dusttale AU. This one was once a skeleton monster who lived in the Underground and swore he would never kill a human, until Frisk eventually kept on resetting over and over again, causing nothing but Genocide.

After the thing called 327 Genocide Runs, Sans decided he would earn LV by killing monsters in the Underground on the next route to gain it. due to how much LV has currently eraned, how now has more than 1 HP. Aside from that, he also has red eyes instead of white ones. In addition, his right eye also glows purple and blue.

How is the personality of Sans? Before Frisk arrived in the Underground, the thing called Sans was more of the lazy and friendly skeleton who would often make jokes. This one would also go to Grillby’s for a great amount of the time. Aside from that, he was also very caring about his brother named Papyrus. When Frisk arrived, he acted normal around them, however, after Frisk reset and did some Genocide Routes, he became insane and extremely bloodthirsty on killing the other monsters in the Underground just for LV. He did not case even going as far as killing hos own brother. After that, Sans became careless, psychopathic and obsessed with killing Risk doing no matter what it takes to stop both of them. Despite being really careless, Sans does seem to be really regretful killing his own brother, who not haunts and helps him.

Sans has three themes. The first one is The Murdered. The second one is STMPWSFY. This one is the song that might play when sans fights you. The third one is Mad Time. If you love Sans and want to have the theme song featured in Roblox, you are able to do so by finding out the Roblox ID of it. where can you find the Roblox ID of Dusttale Sans?

Music Coder is one of the best places when it comes to finding out the Roblox ID. This one free and easy to access. You will be able to access it without having to log in first. when you are there, you can just go straight to the Search bar and type the keyword such as “Dusttale Sans”. After pressing the Search button, you will be able to see the result.

Apparently, the Roblox ID of Dusttale Sans Roblox is 975112789. Please use this Roblox ID if you want to have the theme song of Dusttale Sans on your Roblox. For your information, this one is the unofficial one. However, you are allowed to use it as long as it works perfectly. Before adding the Roblox ID, you need to make sure that the game that you want to use is available to use the feature of adding audio. If not, then please use another game. For more information, do not forget to visit the official website of Roblox.

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