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If you are on this page to know about GainBlox site, you are totally right to keep staying. It is because our page will share about the site both about the website itself or the important things that are in it. Whatever the reason for what you want to find, absolutely you do not leave this page.

Do you want what the GainBlox is before? You have known what the GainBlox is, but you do not know how it works, do you? For you as veteran on Roblox, definitely you have known how the GainBlocx works. Besides, you will understand how important this site is for roblox players. Indeed, it is related to earn more points to get much Robux. As we know that RObux can be called as the crucial thing on Roblox in which it is as the main currency of Roblox. However, every Roblox player should have the Robux either a lot or a little. By having much Robux, absolutely you will buy many items you need in playing Roblox.

Certainly, there are tons of sites that you can find on the internet relating to earn much Robux for free. But only some of them are trustworthy. So, as Roblox player, you have to be careful to look for the believable site to get Robux for free. If you do not be careful, actually the entry of malware and bugs into your PC can be a risk. In fact, lots of sites which offer to get much free Robux on the internet is proven inserting the bugs and virus at all.

If you are curios what the trusted site is to earn free Robux for free, actually you have to recognize the site called GainBlox. According to the sources which we have got, GainBlox can be mentioned as the sites which offer to the Roblox player to have a chance in getting much free Robux. Definitely, the requirements on the site should be fulfilled by every Roblox player as well.

If we talk about GainBlox, we will be directed to how to get free Robux. You may be so strange with the name of However, you have to know about the term of it. is the URL of site which is addressed to GainBlox. So, the GainBlox is the name of site, meanwhile the is the URL of GainBlox site. Have you understand up to here? We hope so.

Talking about GainBlox, we will understand in which the site are focused on how to get free Robux by following some rules inside. You do not worry, because the rules offered on this site is not complicated at all. Indeed, you are able to allow them. There are some rules that you must follow if you are excited to get much Robux for free. The first one is you need to sign up to Do you how to sign up? If no, follow the instructions as we will explain on the next section.

GainBlox Sign Up

You have known in which if you want to get free Robux, you have to sign up to this site. If you feel so indolent to explore on the site to look for how to sign up, so, it is totally not wrong at all. It is because we will show you step by step to do GainBlox sign up on the text below!

Step 1

The first step that you must do is to visit on the address bar on your browser. Notice that you already have the Roblox account. It is so easier if you have made the Roblox account. If not, you can access the site on to make an account.

Step 2           

After you are on the homepage of GainBlox, you can click GET STARTED on the top right.

Step 3

You can fill your Roblox username on the available box that you have made on Roblox site. Then, click START EARNING.

Step 4

In this step, you will get pop up which confirm that is you or not. If it is true, click Yes, that’s me.

Step 5

The step is successful if you are directed into the dashboard of the GainBlox site.

Well, the way to sign up to GainBlox is totallty simple, isn’t it? Certainly, everyone can sign up by following the steps above either veteran Roblox player or newcomers.

How to Earn Free Robux?

As we have explained above in which on this site, you are allowed to get much free Robux. But, you do not notice how to do the way at all. To receive much Robux for free on this site, actually you will be faced to the quiz that you have to try. The GainBlox quiz becomes the most important thing that you must pay attention if you really want much Robux.

Definitely, there are dozens of quizzes are available on GainBlox that you can choose. Generally, the quiz is related to Games, Apps, Brands, and Survey. So, you do not hesitate to try the GainBlox Quiz on this site. Those quizzes that you have to try are divided into three sections. Surely, each section is totally different.

Here are the sections of GainBlox quiz that you have to know before earning free Robux on it.

  • The Offer Wall#1 GainBlox Quiz. In the first offer wall, you will get free Robux by trying to take some survey. The survey itself can be presented in the form of Smartphone survey, apps survey,games survey, brands survey and others. You can receive free Robux starting form 2R$ – 200R$.
  • The Offer Wall#2 GainBlox Quiz. In the second offer wall, you will receive Robux for free by completing some quizzes about games. Indeed, in this offer, you must power about games at all. The games are Clash Royale Quiz, Castle Clan, Disney Heroes, Apex Legends Quiz and many more about Roblox general knowledge test. The amount of the Robux that you can get starting from 2R$ – more than 400R$.
  • The Offer Wall#3 GainBlox Quiz. Absolutely, you can get a chance to receive Robux starting from 1R$ – more than 300R$ by taking the offer. In this offer, you need to install some apps on your devices like Android, iPhone, iPad even PC. Those apps can be in the form of games, online chatting and many more.

So, how to earn free Robux on

Step 1: You have to log in to the site by visiting

Step 2: Click GET STARTED on the top right.

Step 3: Type your Roblox username. Then, click START EARNING. You can be directed into dashboard.

Step 4: After on the dashboard of GainBlox, you have to scroll down to take GainBlox Quiz.

Step 5: Make sure to choose the best one in taking the quiz. You can choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd GainBlox quiz as you want.

Step 6: The step to earn Robux is exactly done after you have completed the quiz or survey.

Well, earning much Robux for free on the site of GainBlox is so easy and simple, isn’t it? Indeed, you can take to try the GainBlox quiz or survey whenever you want to. Good Luck, dude!

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