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Murder Mystery 2 or well-known as MM2 is one of Roblox game who provides a thriller game. This is also a horror game. Even though it is a horror genre but many users love this game. MM2 is created by Nikilis on January 19, 2004. The latest update of this game is on July 8, 2018.

As a popular game, surely get more than 4 million users and also 1 billion likes recently. For you who do not know the aim of this game, you should search for this horror game. Roblox Murder Mystery 2 establishes about twelve player with ten innocents, one sheriff and one murderer. It is well-known that the MM2 aims to search and find the murderer. Not only finding the murderer, this game also has a goal in helping the sheriff. This game virtually success if the innocent guys kill the murderer. The innocent can be called a hero.

To kill the murder certainly the innocent need some stuff. Like that with you as Roblox player when playing MM2. You need the weapon against your action in killing the murderer. In MM2, the knife is as a mesmerizing weapon that can be used to kill the murderer.

If you often play MM2, surely you need to recognize the Eternal Knife. This is a limited weapon in MM2 which can be redeemed from a code, especially when you buy MM2 Merch. Eternal Knife has a good extremely power to fall the murderer or enemy.

Why do you must have a knife? This is because the knife has an important role in this game. For the murderer, absolutely he or she plays with the knife that generally use to kill the innocent guys and the sheriff. To run the goal, actually, the murderer need to kill all innocent stealthily before timing out.

Eternal Knife Code MM2

Certainly, there are Eternal Knife Code MM2 that you can use while playing this game. Like most other games on Roblox, indeed Murder Mystery has some codes for the weapon. To take the knife in playing this game, surely, you need to use the code to get a knife as you like.

Here are the Eternal Knife Code MM2 that you can try soon:

  • (PR1SM) is for Prism
  • (AL3X) is for Alex
  • (SUB) is for Sub
  • (G003Y) is for Goo
  • (C0RL) is for Corl
  • (D3N1S) is for Denis
  • (SK3TCHY) is for Sketchy
  • (R3PT1L3) is for Reptile
  • (SK00L) is for Skool
  • (INF3CT3D) is for Infected
  • (N30N) is for Neon
  • (TH3N3XTL3V3L) is for TNL
  • (G1FT3D) is for Gifted
  • (2015) is for 2015
  • (PATR1CK) is for Patrick
  • (HW2017) is for Pumpkin Pet

The codes above can be expired anytime. So, it is better for you to keep updating. You have to follow the twitter @NikilisRBX for some recent update. Generally, this Eternal Knife Code MM2 has very limited time. Sometimes, some codes are not working when you use it. As announced by Nikilis as the MM2 Creator on Twitter, every code is averagely available for 7 days.

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