Earn Robux by Completing Offers (Doing Surveys)

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Rbx.live offer you to earn Robux freely. There are many ways you can do to earn Robux including complete surveys, download games or app and watching videos. Apparently, there are some steps to earn Robux on Rbx.live. In this article, we will explain step by step how to begin earn Robux by completing offers.


If you have not registered for RBX.LIVE yet, so you are able to register now. The process of register is very easy. You only need to enter your username, email and password.


After register, then you are able to login. Next, you are able to go to the page of Earn. Or simply, you can click this link; https://rbx.live/earn. There, you are able to see many offer walls that will provide you with offers such as the surveys, app downloads, quizzes, or videos. You have to note that each offer wall has different offers to use and some offer walls are easier to use than others. Therefore, you have to ensure to test them all to see what is best for you.

In a case, if you are missing rewards or did not get your Robux, so you are able to check the status of the offer. This is to see if their system has already detected if you have correctly completed the offer or if there is something wrong. You have to remember that sometimes their system is going to put it into “pending” just to review the offer for fraudulent activity. This usually goes away in 24 hours and your offer will either be rewarded or rejected. Each offerwall (AyeTStudios, Adgate, Offertoro) has a different method to check the status of your offers.

If you try earning Robux by doing surveys, then you miss reward or did not get your Robux, you need to remember some things. Usually, survey offers are a little complex. If a survey keeps redirecting you to another survey, so you have to contact the offer wall’s support (AyeTStudios, Adgate, or Offertoro) by using one of the steps and remember to provide screenshots for proof. Aside from that, you do not forget to have Ad-blocker OFF in order for these surveys to work.


After completing all those offers, finally you are at the last step. To begin withdrawing your Robux, so you are able to go to Withdraw menu. Or simply you are able to visit this link; https://rbx.live/withdraw. There, you need to enter the amount of Robux you have in your balance. Please ensure that Rbx.live has enough Robux in their stock. After that, you are able to enter your username of your Roblox account that you want to withdraw to. Now, you are able to check your recently Robux.

You need also to join with the group to receive your pay out. To join the group, you are able to press the “Click here!” button. After you joined the group, then instantly you are going to receive your Robux.

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