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Do you love playing games in Roblox? What kind of games that you love to play? Do you love playing the fantasy role-play game called Dragons’ Life? If so, absolutely you choose the right game at all. Have you known how to play the Dragons Life game? To know about this game, just staying on this page!

As we know that Roblox has provided tons of adorable games that you can play. Many genres of Roblox games that you can choose as you like, they are Adventure, Horror, Home-Design, Sci-Fi, RPF, and many more. One of inviting games to play is Dragons Life. If you love a themed-fantasy game, definitely, you have to play this game. This game can be called a gorgeous and amazing game in which you can feel as if living in a dragon age. So, choosing the Dragons Life to play is exactly right for you.

Dragons Life is a role-play game which was created by Shyfoox Studios. Which make the game so interesting is to allow the players flying like a dragon. In this game, you can customize as they like and also explore a map which contains the multiple different types of environments. The game was released on December 20, 2017 with the newest update on March 21, 2019. The Dragons Life is called a recent game of Roblox. It is proven that this game has been visited by 231 users with 5 favorites. But, this game is no less interesting than the others game in Roblox.

Then, how to play the game of Dragons Life? Actually, same as the other games in Roblox, the Dragons Life has several controls that you can use to play this game easier. One of well-known controls is to fly. Certainly, we have known the Dragon well that can be mentioned a flying animal. So, no wonder if many Roblox users want to make this Dragon fly high. You do not to be worried because you can use some controls in your keyboard that enable the Dragon to fly.

To play this game, absolutely you have to focus on your keyboard. Why? Because to make a dragon fly, you just run with your keyboard. So, to make a Dragon fly, you must pay attention on the Shift key and W. you can press the Shift key and W to run forward. The next, you have to double tap the boulders and spacebar. Then, you should hold it for a few second and release it to make the dragon fly. So surprising, your dragon is going to fly. We can talk that to make the dragon fly is so simple and handy at all.

Besides to make a dragon fly, you must also focus on the other role-play. Actually, you can play this Dragons Life not only to make it fly, but you can also make the dragon to run and sit. In addition, to make the dragon sit, you can press ‘M’ letter on your keyboard. Then, hold ‘M’ for few second in order to make a dragon sit. But, if you let go the ‘M’ on, you will stop to make a dragon sitting. Furthermore, you can press the Shift key to allow the dragon running. And, you can tap the jump twice to double jump of dragon. Well, those are the Dragon’s Life Roblox Controls that you can use while playing this game.

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