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When we are depressed or sad, we usually tend to want to listen to a depressing songs or sad songs rather than listen to a happy song. It seems that we enjoy the sadness or the depression that we are going through. It is because sometimes we need time to escape from the depression so that there will be time where we want to listen to the depressing songs.

However, listening to depressing songs sometimes does not mean that we are depressing. Sometimes, we want to listen to that kind of songs just because we like that kind of songs or even we just want to listen to it. Well, if we talk about depressing songs, now the reason of why you visit this site and then read this article maybe because you want to listen depressing songs on Roblox. Therefore, you need the Roblox ID of the songs. Well, you come to the right site and read the right article because now we are going to inform you about depressing songs Roblox ID as you are able to see in the title of this article.

If you try to search depressing songs in the Roblox Audio Library by using the keyword “depressing songs” you will find some songs as we will explain. First, there is Depressing Song [BS] which was published by BradRBX which was last updated on May 6th, 2014. It is free to use and this song has been favorited 35 times. The Roblox ID of this song is 156207011. In the description section, you are able to read that this song is presented by Brad’s Sounds and the song is by Toby Turner (Tobuscus). In addition, he writes that you are able to take this song for free and play it at your favorite DJ club.

Second, you can find Love Is More Depressing Than Depression which was published by exodhus. It is free to use and the last update of this song was on April 21st, 2019. Until now, this song has been favorited 249 times and the Roblox ID is 1221904077. Third, you will also find XXXTENTACION – Depression & Obsession which was published by Golden280. This song is free to use and i was last updated on August 27th, 2017. Until now, this song has been favorited 874 times and the Roblox ID is 1006769336.

Fourth, there is Sad Song For Broken Hearts which was published by TheDarknes223. This song is also free to use and the last update was on August 2nd, 2014. Until now, this song has been favorited 208 times and the Roblox ID is 169827397.

If you want to find good depressing songs on Roblox, it is better if you find it by using the title of a song as a keyword. Some depressing songs are Fix You by Coldplay, Mad World by Michael Andrews, Someone Like You by Adele, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and many more. So, you can use these song titles as a keyword when you are searching depressing songs on Roblox. If you have your own favorite depressing songs, you can use it as a keyword when you search the song on Roblox.

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