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Pet Simulator is a game which was created by BIG Games Simulators. You are probably one of people who like playing this game and now you are looking for the Dark Matter Codes for this game. Do not stop reading this, because we are going to inform you about it.

Pet Simulator is a game on Roblox which was created on April 7th, 2018 and as of August 1st, 2019, the last update of this game was on July 27th, 2019. This game can be played by 10 maximum players in each server and it is categorized into All Genres. This game has been visited more than 560 million times and it has been favorited more than 2.2 million times with more than 573K likes.

In Pet Simulator, you have to pick up coins to be able to buy eggs, areas, and pets. Then, you have to level up your pets and also work together with other players. Besides, you have to collect rare pets and trade as well. There are a lot of game passes that you are able to buy in this game including 2x Coins for R$ 250, +100 Max Pets for R$ 175, VIP for R$ 175, 2x XP for R$ 199, Pet Cloner for R$ 2399, 8 Pets Equipped for R$ 350, +500 Max Pets for R$ 699, Lucky for R$ 99, Super Lucky for R$ 899, Infinite Pets Equipped for R$ 39999, Lucky Rainbow  Pets for R$ 129, Teleport for R$ 30, Super Pet Collection for R$ 499, 100 Max Hats for R$ 300, and Triple Egg Open for R$ 440.

In Pet Simulator, there is Dark Matter Pets. Do you know what it is? If you often play this game, you are surely familiar with it. Dark Matter Pets are a class of pet that is introduced in Update 11. They have 3 times the stats of rainbow pets and it gives them an overall boost of x15 from normal pets. If you want to make a Dark Matter Pet, you will have to upgrade 5 Rainbow pets, or 35 gold pets or 350 regular pets. Before update 12, 1000 regular pets/ 100 gold pets/ 10 rainbow pets are required to create a Dark Matter Pet.

You may come here to find the codes of Dark Matter Pets in Pet Simulator games. It seems that there is not much information about it. You are able to ask the codes of Dark Matter Pets of Pet Simulator in a forum or group. Or, it is better for you to follow the Twitter account of the creator at @BuildIntoGames. In this Twitter account, usually he updates about the new things that he added in the game and also updates about the codes. For example, on April 1st 2019, he tweeted that you can use code “AprilFools” for getting free Giant hat.

Another effort that you can do to find Dark Matter codes is to watch some videos on Youtube which shows about it. There is a video that you can watch entitled  New Dark Matter Pets Update Codes In Pet Simulator (Roblox) which was uploaded by DefildPlays on November 17th, 2018. Now, this video has been watched more than 988K times.

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