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How does a Texture work? You have to know that a Roblox texture is going to apply an image to the BasePart that it is parented to. The surface of this image is applied to is dependent on the FaceInstance.Face property. In this case, once the BasePart is resized, so the image is going to repeat. Then, the size of the repeating textures is determined by the properties of texture StudsPerTileU and StudsPerTileV.

The image that applied by the texture is determined by its Decal.Texture property. Then, the  images are able to be uploaded to Roblox if they follow all the community guidelines. For your information, if you want to know how to upload images, so you are able to visit the page of Game Assets in Roblox on Roblox Developer. Or simply, we are able to share its way here. You have to remember that the images are able to be uploaded within Studio for use as textures in the 3D world or as part of GUIs for menus and interactive objects. Roblox utilizes images in png/jpg/tga or bmp format. The easiest way to upload the images is through the Game Explorer window. It can be access from the View tab in Roblox Studio. When the window is open and the game is published, you have to click the Import button at the bottom of the Game Explorer window.

Sometime, there are some people who think that the Roblox Texture same with the Roblox Decals. By the way, what is the difference between Roblox Textures and Roblox Decals? You have to note that the texture object is very similar to the Decal object. But, whereas the image applied by a Decal scales once the BasePart is resized, so the image applied by a Texture repeats. Repeating Roblox textures have a wide range of applications like the floor tiles and the wall textures.


Although Decals have a wide variety of applications, but in some cases the developers may hope to take one of the following classes instead.

  • For non repeating images Decal object should be used.
  • To apply GUI elements, the SurfaceGui object should be used.
  • If the effect of lighting on the image needs to be altered, so the SurfaceGui object should be used

Talking about Roblox Textures, here in this article we are going also to share a way how to retexture on Roblox. Please follow the text below once you want to retexture on Roblox.

  • In your Start Menu, open Roblox Studio.
  • Open a blank page and make sure that you have the Command Bar open.
  • Use the command bar: game:GetObjects (“rbxassetid://asset id”)[1]. Parent = Workspace.
  • There you will be able to see the hat or gear.
  • Please, press the + buttons until you get to “Hat/Tool”>”Handle”>”Mesh”.
  • In “Mesh”, look at “TextureID”. Then, copy the last numbers of them.
  • Please go back to that hat/gear and change the last numbers to the copied numbers.
  • There you will be able to see the image of the hat/gear. Please, right click and save it as a picture.
  • After that, make a decal of the texture and then put the decal on a brick.
  • In the Workspace, you will be able to look at the decal. please copy the Texture ID.
  • Paste the TextureID link into the mesh’s TextureID.

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