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As an effort to protect the users, Roblox has some rules that are applied to the Roblox users. One of the rule is that the users who are under 13 years old, there is filters that will be applied to them so that they are not able to access certain games and use bad words. It is done by Roblox to make the Roblox users moreover for them who are under 13 years old safe and will not be a victim of bullying, and any other bad treatments.

In the chat, for you who are under 13 years old, you cannot speak whatever you want. Roblox player who are under 13 years old have the ability to chat only with words marked on the Whitelist. If you are under 13 years old and you use the words that are not marked on the Whitelist, the word will be replaced with hashes. If you are above 13 years old, you can use any words except the words in the Blacklist. If you use the words which are marked in the Blacklist, the word will be replaced by “[Content Deleted]”.

You maybe do not like with this rule but you have to do it so that you and the other Roblox players will be able to play games on Roblox in peace without having to fight or speak bad words. But, some of you may want to break the rules and try to find the exploit to do it.

You may often heard about Dansploit and you want to make it to exploit several things on Roblox and one of them is White List. From a source, it is said that Dansploit is not the best exploit that you can find. However, this exploit has a strong executor that is able to run every script that you want. If you want to use this exploit, you have to go to the game that you like on Roblox. It is better if you choose a non- FE game. Non FE game means unfiltered game. After you visit a game, then you have to go to the setting tab. After that, you have to hit attach and it will inject the DLL to Roblox and now you are enabled to execute and command that you like.

So, can the Dansploit exploit Whitelist word so that we can speak whatever we want without having to get hashtag? It seems no. But, you are able to ask other Roblox players in a forum or group about Dansploit for whitelist. If you ask in a forum or group, you do not only get information but also you will get new friends. If you cannot find Dansploit for whitelist, you can watch some videos about Dansploit in Youtube. In the videos, usually there are the ways how to download it and how to apply it.

Exploit is actually bannable. If you apply an exploit, it is dangerous for you. If you get caught, Roblox will do a thing to your account. It can be deleting your account, banning your account and some other punishments.

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