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The front page is a common term for the games which appear once you click the “Games” link on Roblox. The games shown have the most players out of all the games on Roblox as of the current time. Usually, the Badges are often created for this occasion of being on the front page.

The sort category “Relevance”, the default search parameter once on the front page, it was created to show games that are the most relevant based on your favorites and visits. To really view the “front page games”, the category search parameter must be set because the relevance search parameter is misleading towards your preferences.

The games page includes a list of games that usually contain players, sorted by the number of players playing each game. Lots of games that make it to the front page contain more than 10,000 players in a game. Although, when browsing the front page games, the users should know that there are many number of games. If a user is unable to find a game that interests them on the front page, so a player is able to click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to see more games.

The players are able to use the “Browse” button to look up a specific game or other games.

  • Popular: Sorted by the most people at a place.
  • Top Rated: Sorted by the games which are favorited the most.
  • Featured: Games that are run by the Roblox Team on the Roblox account.
  • Rthro: Sorted by the games that have Rthro enabled in them.
  • Popular Near You: Sorted by the games that people in your area are playing.
  • Recommended: Semi popular games that Roblox “recommends” for you.


  • Popular: Ninja Legends, Adopt Me Farm Eggs, Welcome to Bloxburg, Royale High, Kagune Anime Fighting, Arsenal, Jailbreak.
  • Top Rated: World Zero Beta, Audio Visualizer, Welcome to Bloxburg, Heroes Online, Life of an Otaku, Neon District.
  • Featured: Robbery Simulator, Winter Cursed Island, The Plaza, Tradelans, Book of Monster, Era of Terror, Overheat: Beta, Retail Tycoon.
  • Rthro: Airplane, Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5, Club Roblox, Sale Fighting, Jetpack Simulator, Circus Trip, Super Striker League, Elemental Dragons Tycoon.
  • Popular Near You: Ninja Legends, Kagune Anime Fighting, Blox Piece, Arsenal, Plane Tower Defense, 3x Strength Saber Simulator.
  • Recommended: Christmas Tycoon: Save Christmas, Video game Tycoon, Sale Christmas, Event Destruction, Hospital Tycoon.


Apparently, the front page was heavily criticized over the years because:

  • Most of the games on the front page are copied or false advertisements.
  • Many games are created without much effort.
  • Some scam games also got there back in 2017.
  • Certain games keep appearing on the front page.
  • Although rare, there may be some few with adult content.
  • Botted games keep appearing on the front page.

Although reaching the front page status is still a major accomplishment for the creator of game, it is more widely accepted that the ability to keep the game on the front page is important. The fake games with low quality can be snuck up easily.

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