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Is it possible to make custom Discord Emojis? You maybe want to make certain emoji which is different from others. But, you do not know whether it is possible to make custom emoji and upload it to Discord. The answer is yes. You can do that but of course you need to know the steps to make it.

First thing that you need to know about making custom emoji is you will need the help of editing software or apps. If you try to search website that permit you to make custom text emoji for Discord, you will be able to find a website and its name is When you access this site, you will find there is empty box. That box is a place for you to enter or paste some text into that box. It is able to convert letters, numbers and some symbols to Discord-style emoji. To make custom emoji, you can enter or paste some words in the box and then the results will appear in the box below the first box. Hit the copy button that you can find in the right side of the second box and paste it into a Discord channel. The method to make custom text emoji in this site is very easy and simple. Everyone can do it by themselves.

You can also make custom emoji by using PiZap. If you want to make a custom emoji by using PiZap, you just have to visit In that site, you have to click on More menu at the top of the screen. After that, click on Emoji Maker and you will be brought to a page where there are some menu including Edit, Collage, Design, Touch Up, Emoji Maker, Facebook Cover, Twitter Cover and Youtube Cover. So here, you need to click on Emoji Maker since you will make a custom emoji. In the Emoji Maker page, you will be able to make emoji as you want and some tools are available there to use for making your emoji. Besides PiZap and JT Prince sites, you are also able to make custom emoji by using Bitmoji or Imoji apps.

Now, after you make a custom emoji in software, online sites or apps, you have to upload it into Discord. How to do that? First, open Discord. After you open Discord, you must choose a server. For your information, servers will be seen as a list along the left side of the screen. Next, you have to click on three lines that you are able to find near the top of the screen to the right of the server’s name.

In this step, you have to click on Server Settings in the left column and click on Emoji. Now, you need to click on Upload Emoji which is a blue button at the top right corner of the screen. Choose emoji that you have made in apps or online sites. For getting best results, you have to choose images that are at least 128 x 128 pixels since they will be resized to 32 x 32 pixels if you upload it. At last, after you upload the emoji, click on Open or Save. Now, your emoji will be uploaded to the Discord server.

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