Creepypasta Behind Tower of Hell in Roblox

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Behind its popularity as one of the obby games on Roblox, Tower of Hell actually has a dark side beyond the player’s sense, so this game is identical with the “Creepypasta” story. Even so, this game is still played by hundreds of thousands of online players every day, making the servers to play this game always get crowded.

The many scary experiences when playing Tower of Hell that players shared on the Roblox Creepypasta Fandom make this game scary, but it is still played due to the players’ curiosity about what really happened in this game.

Creepypasta Behind Tower of Hell in Roblox

Thankfully! We’ve discovered what weird things happened in Tower of Hell that many players experienced. Keep in mind that what we’ll explain in our post below are creepypasta stories of the Tower of Hell, where the truth of this story is still questionable. Okay, let’s get started!

What Scary Things Happened in the Tower of Hell?

The scary story behind the Tower of Hell that many players experienced usually begins when they need to choose a server to play. When the selected server is full, of course there would be one or more players who have to play on a random server, separately from their friends.

Here are the scary things that many players experience when playing Tower of Hell:

Strange spam chat on selected server

When someone joins a server, strange things start happening on the server. The server has only a few players, and everyone on it usually sends spam chats with odd emotions. Well, many players who experience this weird thing just ignore it.

Players cannot leave the game

Another weird thing happens when the player tries to leave this game; the server seems to not want the player to leave this game, so a pop-up message suddenly appears that says, “You currently cannot leave this game.” If you suddenly receive this odd message that you have never experienced before, you may also be scared and forcibly shut down the game, right?

Tower of Hell’s title becomes weird and creepy

After forcibly shutting down the game, many players usually could not find other Roblox games on the search bar when they wanted to try another game—only Tower of Hell remained. But strangely, the title Tower of Hell becomes scary, saying “Tower of H̴͚̄e̸͎̞̐ľ̶̹̕.”

The background music plays backwards

Since there’s no other option, some players forcibly play Tower of Hell, though the title is odd. When they start playing this game, another ridiculousness begins to emerge in the middle of gameplay. The players might find the background music of Tower of Hell is playing backwards, along with the levels not even being visible and the time glitching.

Suddenly kicked out of the game

When all the weird things happen, some players will ideally leave the game, right? However, there was a story about someone who, even if he did not leave the game, was kicked out beforehand, whereas he was still playing the game. When he tried to re-open the game, it didn’t work—Roblox instead couldn’t be accessed at all. He tried to look for ways to repair it, but he did not succeed.

Tower of Hell suddenly disappeared on Roblox

Some players who have been playing Tower of Hell and kicked out from the game might find the game is no longer available on Roblox. It usually happens after they create a new Roblox account since their old one was hacked.

Get a scary message from someone

There is one story of a player who reported the disappearance of Tower of Hell on the game list to Roblox Support. Fortunately, Roblox Support responded, and he could play the game as usual.

However, another weird thing started happening again, where he suddenly received a scary message from someone saying “I’m scared”—whereas he was playing the game alone at the time. Finally, he decided not to play Tower of Hell on Roblox anymore.

Well, those are some scary things that many players have experienced when playing Tower of Hell, and we summarized their experiences in this post. Believe it or not—it’s up to you!

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