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After The Flash: Mirage Roblox is a game made on November 7, 2018 by After The Flash Advisory Board. It takes place in southwestern United States, especifically around the Lake Mead. When you first come into the game of After the Flash Mirage, you must have a character sort-of thought out that you are able to play with. This is able to be a digital representation of you. You have to be creative, but please keep these some factors: self factor, faction build, player concentration, and role characteristics. It will help making a better character.

The first thing that you have to note regarding controls for After the Flash Mirage game is about self factor. It is how your character’s presence affects the immediate vicinity. Are you a creepy and powerful crime lord who can makes everyone go away, or are you a kind person who seems to lighten the mood wherever you go? That is called yourself factor shining through.

The second thing that you have to know about player concentration. This refers to the areas of a map which are hot zones for the players. For example, In a of ATF 5, there are the major hot zones. Those area are Crane Town and Fort Outlook. They are able to be said to have a high player concentration.

The next thing is you need to learn regarding the faction build of not only the map, but also the region within the map you are playing on. You have to know which faction controls an area and how many people are playing that faction. Of course, this affects faction build. We have an example: Crane Town’s faction build is highly twisted toward CDF.

Role Characteristics is also important to note. You need to consider the type of character your current teammates. They may be playing as a USCPF general, and their role characteristics will reflect this. That player is able to be reasoned to be playing as a soldier who is grown tired of war. If you will live in one of the major scrap towns, so you are able to take on a few roles. You are able to be a merchant, a guard, an arms dealer, a card cheat, a prospector, a barkeep or anything similar.

Another thing that you have to know about the Forming Bonds. If you are the type of player who makes friends easily, so this will be easy. You are able to take into account your character’s self factor, and then decide what faction they would hang out with if they were people, and take that course of action. You have to know your preferred faction build, and work towards it. Then, please examine the chat, look for the information about where the player concentrations are. When you have already developed your character, location, and faction, so you are able to play to the role characteristics. Please be polite IC and OOC, or only OOC. Just work with everyone for completing  jobs, gather some friends and go shoot rodents in the wasteland.

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