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ClaimRBX is one of the best sites that can give your free Robux. As you can guess from the name of the site, you can claim the Robux offered by the site. The site is completely free. However, in order to access the site, you will need to enter the Roblox username. Once again, the site only needs your username, nothing else.

After entering the Roblox username, you will be able to access the site named ClaimRBX. There are some menus that you will be able to see on the site. The first one is Redeem Robux. This menu is where you will be able to see the list of the redeemed Robux and the Robux that you have earned. The second one is Daily Robux. Daily Robux or Daily Rewards consists of the offers. Basically, you will see some offers that will give you the rewards. Please complete the offers if you want to get the rewards. The third one is Hourly Giveaway. Hourly Giveaway is kind of giveaway that only happens per hour. There is the countdown on the page so you need to pay attention to the time to not miss the giveaway. On the same page, you will be able to see your winning percentage. Please take a note that doing offers will also increase your chances of winning. In addition, you are able to send the message to your friends on Roblox (not Discord) in order to get more chances of winning the giveaway. If you want to see the winners of the giveaway, you just just scroll down the page and see the list of the winners. The fourth one is Referral. This menu is where you are able to invite your friends and earn 10% lifetime. The fifth one is Promo Codes. Promo Codes is the menu to redeem the promo codes if you have any. In order to redeem the promo codes, all that you need to do is to enter the promo code and get the free Robux. You will be able to see the redeemed codes below the page.

Does ClaimRBX actually work? The answer to the question is yet. You are able to complete offers, earn Robux, and redeem your Robux on the site. Everything is easy if you do all the things correctly. In order to get Robux. You need to do exactly as the instructions say. You will be able to see the instrcutions below the title of the offer.

What should you do is you did everything right and you did not get your Robux? If this is the case then you can try to do smaller offers and start using the mobile device to do offers. This one can happen every now and then. However, ClaimRBX cannot afford to pay out everyone who does not receive Robux because the offer did not work. Therefore, please choose the offers wisely. You can play with the offerwall settings and categorize the offers by how easy they are.

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