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Exploit is actually an act which is forbidden to do on games. It is because it can ruin the system in the game and even you will be able to be banned due to your exploit. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of Roblox players who want to use exploit to make the games that they play easier so that they are able to gain the goals of the game easily.

Chaosity is one of exploits that people use. This exploit has a lot of features that you are able to try. When you use this exploit, you will need to enter the Chaosity Authentication Key. If you try to search this on your browser, you will get some results and one of them which is at the top of the results of the search, there is a site named and in this site, there is the Chaosity Authentication Page. In this site, it is written that the page is to generate your unique Chaosity authentication key and each key is unique per request and it is able to be blacklisted at any time without notice. In addition, it is also written that you have to understand that they are able to change the system without notifying the users. In this site, you can only find grey background and also this warning with a code which is a key. You are able to get it by clicking on Copy Key button.

To make you understand more about using Chaosity, how to find the key and also how to enter it, you are able to watch some video tutorials about it. Some of the videos that you are able to watch are New Roblox Exploit (Chaosity) | Bloxburg, Jailbreak, All Other Popular Games which was uploaded by Shadow 1160; Roblox Key Generator For (Future, RoSploit, Juno, Proxo, Chaosity, Trigon, Clicker) which was uploaded by emad alharby; Chaosity V2 || OP Roblox Exploit/ Hack [Free] Level 7 Script Executor which was uploaded by Fortnite Kappa; and some other videos.

In the video of emad alharby, you are able to see the tutorial of getting key by using key generator and finding key of Chaosity can also use this generator. To find the key, you just have to open the Key Grabber and then choose the exploit that you use in the drop down menu and after that click on Get Key and the key will appear.

In the video of Fortnite Kappa, he shows you how to use Chaosity including how to find the Chaosity Authetication Key. First, you have to open the folder Chaosity by clicking on it twice. Then, choose Chaosity.exe and there will appear Chaosity Authentication. Now, you can access site and in that page there is the key of it. Click on the Copy Key button and then you have to paste it on the Chaosity Authentication. Do not forget to click on Use Key after you paste it. Then, you will get a pop up message which says that Key Connect and you have to click on OK.

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