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Builders Club (BC) was a premium membership granted Roblox users the extra privileges on Roblox that cannot be obtained by non Builders Club (BC) users including a daily Robux stipend or the ability to create the shirts and pants. Usually, those items can great customization of users’ avatars and their interactive creations.

For your information, there were three types of Builders Club (BC) memberships that a Roblox player could have purchased. Those are Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, and Outrageous Builders Club. Talking about Builders Club, you may come to this page to get know the information about Builders Club Badge.

By the way, what is Builders Club Badge? You may be curious to know what is Builders Club Badge. Now, in this article, we are going to inform you what is Builders Club Badge. You have to remember that Builders Club Badge is a Badge that awarded for those who had Builder’s Club. It indicate the Builders Club Hard Hat next to a blueprint and a set square. So, if you want to get this Builders Club Badge, you have to be part of Builders Club (BC).

The members of Builders Club (BC) are going to show this Builders Club badge proudly. As we know that the Builders Club (BC) is a paid premium membership service. The members get some benefits such as they get ten places on their account instead of one, they get a daily income of 15 ROBUX, they are able to sell their own items to others Roblox players in the catalog of Roblox, they get access to browse the official website without external ads, and they get the exclusive Builders Club construction hat. For your information, Builders Club Hard Hat is a hat that was published on August 2, 2007 into the catalog of Roblox by Roblox. If the user of Roblox purchase the Builders Club, so he or she is going to get this Builders Club Hard Hat. Based on the research, since May 26, 2019, this Builders Club Hard Hat has been favorited 53,591 times.

Talking about Builders Club Badge, we are going also to tell about Welcome To The Club Badge. You have to know that The Welcome To The Club Badge is a badge that was obtainable by purchasing any type of Builders Club (BC) membership at the time of their availability. According to the research, The Welcome To The Club Badge was released on October 14, 2014, along with the Official Model Maker badge. You have to remember that this badge would have also been obtained if a user’s BC membership expired before the badge’s release. Fortunately, The Welcome To The Club Badge is a permanent badge, unlike the other Builders Club badges.

In the text above we also talk about the Official Model Maker badge, it is a badge that can be obtained by having one of the user’s models being endorsed by the Roblox staff. But, the users are going to have to be in the RBXDev program in order for the user’s model or models to be approved.

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