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Command script is defined as a script that can permits users to perform certain actions in a game by using commands which are generally given through the chat or through a GUI text box. Now, we are going to discuss about commands in the Bot Commander games in Roblox.

When we search about Bot Commander games in Roblox, there are some results. One of them is Bot Commander which was created by Guest Productions. This game was created on December 16th, 2017. This game can be played by 100 maximum players and it is a military genre. Now, this game has been visited more than 1 million times and has been favorited more than 24K times.

In this game, there are some game badges that you are able to gain such as Level 5, Level 10, Level 25, Level 50, Level 100, Level 250, Level 500 and Level 1000. For game pass, there is a game pass that you can buy and it is 2 X Experience for R$ 250. You may like playing this game and you want to know all the commands of this game. Commands script usually will accept commands, some of which will also accept arguments. Commands are separated from each others by using a separator characters and it can be space and the ‘/’. There are also some commands which require commands to be prefixed by a symbol like the exclamation mark to distinguish commands from normal chat. If you want to know all of the commands ofBot Commanders, you are able to say: help inside the game so that you will be able to see all of the commands.

If you want to know about the gameplay of this game and also you want to know some commands of this game, you are able to watch some videos about this game so that you will have a depiction about how to play this game and how to use the commands. One of the video that you can watch are Roblox – Bot Commander – Command and Kill! which was published by iamrome gaming. This video was published on August 3th, 2018 and now it has been watched more than 1k times.

In the video, you can see how he plays the game and also in the description section you are able to see the link to the city of the game take place. This link goes to Borough of Guildley. In the description of this place, there is a command that you can type of you want to give money to other players. The command is: /give [player name or start of player name] [how much]. Make sure that you ignore the brackets.

The other videos that you can watch for knowing how to play Bot Commander and maybe how to use commands are Walk Through Of Bot Commander Roblox published by Connor Fricke on April 12th, 2018; Bot Commander Roblox published by FxdedI on April 8th, 2018; ROBLOX | Bot Commander | Preview! published by Wolffzy Y on December 9th, 2017. So, you can try to watch these videos and then try to play the game.

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