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A lot of things that you are able to buy on Roblox. So, that’s why having a lot of Robux is important for every Roblox players. Gear, accessories, shirts, pants, and t-shirt can be bought in the Roblox catalog. For accessories, you are able to find necklace, hat, hair, and many more. How about gear?

Gear in Roblox is one of catalog items and it usually appears as a tool. Gears can be worn on the avatar of the player or be permitted in games that have permitted the gear’s specific attributes and genre. In the Roblox catalog, you are able to find various types of gears such as lasers, swords and musical instruments. For your information, until January 12th, 2019, there are 2,269 gears that you are able to find in total and it includes the unavailable ones.

Gear has many genres including Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, Explosive, Power Up, Musical Instruments, Navigation Enhancers, Building Tools, Personal Transport and Social Items. Same as other objects on Roblox, gear also has unique ID that you can find in the URL of the gear page. The ID of the gear does not to be subtracted and is given directly like other objects in the catalog and library.

One of the gears that you are able to find and buy on Roblox is Body Swap Potion. Are you wanting to buy this gear now? You have to know the information about the gear first. This gear was published by Roblox into the catalog on April 28th, 2012. This gear is able to be bought for 400 Robux. Until July 17th, 2019 this gear has been successfully bought 242,965 times and favorited 62,748 times.

This gear is categorized into a Social item and the Roblox ID of the gear is 78730532. Body Swap Potion can swap bodies with another player without having to switch the username. If you use this gear, you will get the benefits and one of them is getting the item that the person has equipped. There are some glitches of this gear. If you swap with another player, then they or you get killed, you will not exist and it is the same as the admin command “Punish” or getting banned/ kicked. Another glitch is, when you are on the Catalog Heaven, then there is the one who swaps one before the character dies, the other one swaps and the last one to die is the 2nd character.

The form of this gear is like a piece of puzzle with the red color in the right side and blue color in the left side of of. In the red color, there is smile face near the bottle hole and in the blue part, there is a sad face and it is also near the bottle hole.

Talk about gear, it is important for you to know that certain gear items can be expired after a certain amount of time from being bought by a user. These kinds of gears are typically much cheaper than the same gear items that do not expire. So, if you have enough Robux now, you can buy Body Swap Poison before it gets unavailable.

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