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Bloxburg is one of very popular games on Roblox. Now, this game has reached more than 1 billion visitors and it is awesome. A lot of people like playing this game because the game is like a simulation of life. You are able to make house, decorate it, have a vehicle, work, play with friends and many more things to do.

If we talk about decorating a house in this game, now you are probably decorating your house so that you need some Codes for Bloxburg Pictures. Well, there are a lot of Bloxburg pictures that you are able to use ranging from Family pictures, Tumblr pictures, Menu pictures, Quote pictures, Girls pictures, aesthetic pictures and many more.

Here we have some lists of Bloxburg pictures IDs and we group it based on the categories.

Tumblr Picture Codes:

  • 2699060593
  • 2699061087
  • 2699061712
  • 2699062931
  • 2699063462
  • 2699064817
  • 2699065863
  • 2699066385
  • 2699062359

Family Picture Codes:

  • 1826522939
  • 1826447588
  •  1826438223
  • 1826583525
  • 1826572015

Aesthetic Picture Codes:

  • 1391967715
  • 1391968632
  •  1396798853
  • 1396814319
  •  1396785791
  • 1391967962
  • 1396803549
  • 1391804612
  • 1391968315

Restaurant Pictures Codes:

  • 666289006
  • 661794893
  • 601185060
  • 798314513
  • 1450889023
  • 1002946377
  • 1011955015

Bathroom Pictures Codes:

  • 1262563994
  • 720014387
  • 14287463
  •  490867675
  • 17636205
  • 1110657059
  • 1078280702
  • 1361215290
  • 1306905894

If you are able to make a picture and then you want to upload it to Roblox so that you are able to use it, you can do it. How to upload a picture to Roblox? To do that, you have to use Game Explorer. Some of you may be familiar with it but some others may be not. Game Explorer is a panel in Roblox Studio and it is able to be used to manage a lot of shared assets of a game such as places, developer products, images and many more. If you want to access Game Explorer to upload an image, you need to click on the View tab and then you have to select Game Explorer. Before the Game Explorer will show you anything, you have to make sure that your place must be published to Roblox.

After that to be able to add an image, you have to right click on Assets in the Game Explorer and then choose Add Image. Then, you will be directed to choose an image file from your computer and to select a name for your image that you upload. If you have done it, now you have to click on Create and your image will be added to the Game Explorer. If you want to upload a lot of images to Roblox at once, you are able to bulk upload by choosing Add Multiple Images instead of Add Image after you right click on Assets. If you choose this option, the names of images will be based on the file names of the file that you choose.

You are still able to find more pictures for Bloxburg in other articles in this site. Alternatively, you are also able to watch some videos about Bloxburg Pictures/ Images ID/ Codes on Roblox. In the videos, you just have to see the codes, and then type it in Bloxburg.

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