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As we all know that in Roblox there is a currency named Robux. But in certain games, you will also find in-game currencies which are different from Robux but sometimes it can be bought by using Robux. One of the games on Roblox where you can find in-game currencies is Bloxburg.

In Bloxburg, you will find two kinds of currencies. Those are Money and Blockbux. Now, let’s find out about Money in Bloxburg game. In the game of Bloxburg, money can be earned by several ways.

  • You are able to earn money from working at a job.
  • You are able to earn money by logging in to collect daily rewards from day 1 to 4.
  •  You are able to earn money from selling items.
  •  You are able to earn money by getting donations from other player
  •  Also, you are able to earn money by buying it with Robux.

What is the function of money in Bloxburg? You may be curious about the function of money and what the difference between the usage of Blockbux. Money in Bloxburg can be used for some purposes as we mention below. 

  • You are able to use money for buying most Build Mode items.
  • If you want to buy food and drink in the game, you will use mo
  • You will use money for buying plants.
  • You will use money for paying house bills.
  • You are able to donate money for other players.

If you want to buy money by using your Robux, the first thing that you have to do is knowing the price of money in Bloxburg to make sure that your Robux is enough for buying money. So here, we have a list of money price in Bloxburg.

  •  If you pay R$ 20, you can receive $ 1,000.
  • If you pay R$ 90, you can receive $ 5,00
  •  If you pay R$ 160, you can receive $ 10,00
  •  If you pay R$ 700, you can receive $ 50,0
  •  If you pay R$ 1,300, you can receive $ 100,000.
  • If you pay R$ 6,000, you can receive $ 500,000.

There are some information about money in Bloxburg that you need to know. You are able to boost your earnings when you get money if you have Excellent Employee gamepass and it makes you easier to earn money. If you want to donate money to other players in this game, you need to have access to the game for at least 24 hours. Then, you are also able to use the ATM near Stylez Hair Studio or by Gazblox to buy in-game currencies including money and blockbux or you can do that by clicking the money or blockbux tab.

Besides Money, Blockbux is another currency that you are able to use in Bloxburg. You are able to earn this currency by logging in to collect daily rewards in day 5 and also you can earn it by buying it with your Robux. What is the function of Blockbux? Generally, it has the same function but there are some differences. Blockbux can be used for buying exclusive items in Build Mode, purchasing additional outfit slots, purchasing additional house slots, fertilizing plants and also boosting mood for 25 Blockbux.

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