Bloxburg Giant Seashell

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Bloxburg Giant Seashell is known as the uncommon item in the game called Welcome to Bloxburg. As you can guess from the name, it is really huge. The item is way bigger compared to the normal seashell.

Bloxburg Giant Seashell is able to be collected. On top of that, there is no limit of collecting the item. It means you are allowed to collect the item multiple times. Once you collected an item, you need to wait until another day starts to get it.

How to obtain the Bloxburg Giant Seashell? Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the Giant Seashell:

1. The first thing that you have to do is to head to Lovely Lumber and enter the water. For those who are not familiar with the the thing called the Lovely Lumber, it is the lumber factory located near the mountain and the mines in the city of Bloxburg. This one offers the woodcutter job to the players. How is the appearance of the Lovely Lumber? The outside look of the item is the laurel green building with the brown or beige logo that says “Lovely Lumber”, hence the name. The roofs of the item are brown. Outside the building, you will be able to see a few piles of hay, wood, and a couple of trees. Aside from that, there is also Jack Lumber standing outside, near the building. What about the inside appearance of Lovely Lumber? Inside this item, there is a pile of hay, wood, and a chainsaw cutting the wood.

2. Then, swim to the location circled in the gallery located near the observatory in the water. The observatory can be described as the location in the city of Bloxburg. In order to find the location, you need to take the tunnel. There is the parking lot in front of the observatory. It is where all the players can park their vehicles. The place consists of various benches outside of the building. Those look over the daunting cliff which the observatory is located over, and into the ocean. The building hosts brown wall and rims, and the grey roof. All the doors of the building are all locked. The doors may be unlocked and the players will be able to lounge in the observatory. There is the possibility that it would either be the hangout centre.

3. The next thing that you have to do is to wait until the shell spawns. This one will appear under the water.

4. Once you see the Giant Seashell, you can interact with it and take it.

5. When you have it, the game will say that you got the item called the Giant Seashell. This one will appear as the trophy and is able to be used as the decoration.

Swimming can lowers the energy. If your energy is low, you are not able to swim as it becomes glitchy. As the alternative, you can either jump in the water, slow down the energy bar, or come out of the water and use the Sit Emote.

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