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Are you a player of Welcome to Bloxburg game? If so, we think that you need to learn about Bloxburg Building tips. Now, please read this entire article and we are sure that it is going to help you at least a little bit with your experience in building.

Apparently, there are general and specific building tips for the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. To find out these Bloxburg building tips, so let us read the text below.


  • Blueprinting

The first general Bloxburg building tips is Blueprinting. Of course, it will help you so much and it is really nice to have a plan for making your house. With this blueprinting, you will get something to reference. Aside from that, building a plan can inspire you to freelance other Bloxburg houses. For this case, if you are new in building a Bloxburg house, so the references of blueprints is the best solution.

  • Change your placement grid

The second general Bloxburg building tips is to change your placement grid. In this case, you can use the small placement grid that will allows you to place the Bloxburg items into more specific places (For note: it does not hang off the side of bookcases shelves, and tables). You have to remember that the counters can give to the corners better as well.

  • Watching YouTube

We all know that YouTube is a famous video-sharing site. If you like searching the information about the Bloxburg building tips on YouTube, so we are sure that you are able to learn how to build quality houses and you will get the information you need. On YouTube, there are lots of videos that show about the Bloxburg building tips. In an example, you can watch speed build videos. For your information, there are some recommended builders on YouTube such as Ayzria, CatBuilds, Cylito, BramP, BellBuilds, DandanPH, NeziPlzaysRoblox. You have to know that Cylito is a popular builder on YouTube and has many good tips for making the Bloxburg houses cheaply and easily. Besides Cylito, Azria is also a very good builder with nice easy houses. If you want to find the good builders with very easy builds, so you can check out the video from CatBuilds and BellBuilds.

  • Buy Advanced Placing

In fact, this is the last Bloxburg building tips. By buying the “Advanced Placing” gamepass, it will allows you to build without collision checks. You may be curious what this means is that you are able to build without collisions. It means that you are able to build with the items inside each other and then it opens up a lot more options to the building.


  • Texture

The texture of house can change completely how your house looks. For this case, if you want to make a house reach a cottage look, so you can use more wood. Then, if you want to make your house reach a modern look, so please use plain colours and stone textures.

  • Design

For making a good building, it also required the best design, so make a design as nice as possible.

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