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Playing Roblox cannot be separated from Robux as well. As the main currency in Roblox, everyone who gets in touch with Roblox sure really wants to get Robux as much as possible. However, by having much Robux, they can do anything within the game including buying a bunch of exclusive items, game-passes, and also get access to paid-games in Roblox.

Today, many sites offer you to earn Robux for free as Roblox fans are looking for the instant way to get Robux for free. Unfortunately, the way to get robux through these sites is just a scam where you will be asked to do small tasks like completing the surveys, taking quizzes, opening certain apps, installing some apps, and playing some games within the site. Roblox Codes

Among Roblox players, Blox Supply site which offers free Robux is rapidly trending. Then, you may wonder whether the site really offers the free Robux or just scam. Well, if you want to know the facts about it, let’s see our post below!

What Is a Blox Supply Site?

Blox Supply is a site which offers you in order to get Robux for free. In other words, it provides another way to obtain totally free Robux through an online portal. Sure, the site is such a treasure for every Roblox player where they will have a chance to get free Robux instantly.

Blox Supply has been rapidly visited by many customers and got popularity on the internet as a source of in-game free Robux. As a virtual currency that you can only use in Roblox, of course, fans around the world are eager to look for ways to get free Robux through this site.

Blox Supply is very popular among Roblox players as they frequently use the forum to get the real answers to any questions about how to get Robux from this site. Moreover, Blox Supply is such an online portal which allows the Roblox fans from the United States and other parts of the world to earn free Robux through this site.

In order to get free Robux through this site, of course the players should first create an account on Then, they should first download the app to their mobile phone and get points by watching short videos.

How About Blox Supply Promo Code?

In this case, the promo codes can also be obtained by Roblox players after they completely perform small tasks especially for downloading the apps and games on their mobile device. Aside from that, you also have to watch short videos in order to get promo codes which will be given by Blox Supply site.

Moreover, you can cash in your free Robux directly into your Roblox account after you have earned them.

How Does Blox Supply Site Work?

If you’re accessing the Blox Supply site, you will have a chance to get Robux for free as long as you kindly take some small tasks within such as watching video, taking the quizzes, completing the surveys and also downloading any apps and games on your mobile.

They promise that downloading any apps and games can be the fastest way to earn free Robux, meanwhile, completing the survey will give you the most amount of Robux. Blox Supply also promises to keep your private information such as your Roblox username and password. However, the only thing needed to access this site is your Roblox username.

When can you receive Robux as they promise? They promise to give you free Robux after completing their offer. If you successfully completed their offer, you can withdraw your balance into your Roblox account.

After that, you will be required to create a Private server and set it to the price offered. They will then buy the Private Server and Robux finally will be delivered to your Roblox account. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Even though they extremely promise to give you Robux for free, however, their offer is debatable among Roblox fans. That’s because today Roblox fans are already aware that such an offer is totally a scam.

Is the Blox Supply Site Scam?

Blox Supply Site

However, when they access the Blox Supply they’re taken to which is known as Robux generator. Now, most Roblox players cannot be fooled anymore by some kind of Robux generator since they know the Robux generator is totally a scam.

In fact, a lot of  Roblox players feel disappointed by those kinds of Robux generators as they do not get any Robux though after doing what the generator requires.

With great compulsion, we must say that Blox Supply site is one of the scam sites which offer the Roblox players with free Robux. Why is it a scam? That’s because if you’re accessing this site, you will be required to complete small tasks such as watching videos and taking some surveys to claim free Robux.

As we’ve explained above the sites which requires you to do small tasks can be categorized as the scam site. Well, the Blox Supply site offers the tasks too. Surely, we can very much conclude that Blox Supply site is a scam site offering you for free Robux.

In fact, anyone who accesses the promotional site, they will often be taken to as the Blox Supply site URL. If you get that URL, you surely have to avoid not accessing such a site.

As a proof, until now, there’s none who can prove the achievement once they tried the instant way to get Robux by visiting the site and doing some tasks or also using any Robux generator.

How to Avoid the Robux Scam Site?

In a situation when you see anything which claims to be offering out free Robux for just playing the game or watching short videos or even taking the quizzes, keep in mind that the site is totally scam and just make you a fool. Surely, you should avoid this site and leave it. As Robux is an important thing in Roblox, of course, many people try and trick you with scams.

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