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Have you ever played a Big Paintball game in Roblox? Some of you may have played this game or maybe you are playing the game now. But, some of you may have not played this game. Well, Some players probably wonder whether there are codes that can be redeemed in this game. So, let’s find out!

Big Paintball in Roblox is a game which is created by BIG GAMES. The game was created on July 24th, 2019 and when this article was being created, the last update of the game was on February 14th, 2020. This game is able to be played by 18 players in each server and it is FPS genre. Now, this game has reached more than 142 million visitors and has been favorited by more than 921k players.

In this game, you will experience the premier paintball game. You will have to cover your friends in paint on crazy battlefields, unlock unique paintball guns with amazing effects and also complete challenges and level up. In this game, you are also able to buy some gamepasses including:

  • Tempered AK! which costs 725 Robux;
  • Elite Sniper which costs 725 Robux;
  • High Tech Sniper which costs 2125 Robux;
  • Tempered Scar which costs 999 Robux;
  • High Tech Minigun which costs 1775 Robux;
  • Money Gun which costs 475 Robux.

In this game, there are weapons that you are able to buy and those are Deagle, Akimbo Uzi, UMP, Tommy, Scout, Scar, and many more. In this game, as a player, you are also able to get abilities if you get a certain amount of tags in one round. Now, there are four abilities in the game and the abilities do not require a killstreak and the tag counter does not reset even if you dies. What are the abilities in this game? Those are:

  • Radar. It needs 4 tags to be unlocked and shows pink dots over enemies heads even through walls.
  • Sentry. It needs 7 tags to be unlocked and it is a turrent that spots enemies and shoots them.
  • Drone. It needs 11 tags to be unlocked and it will follow players and float over players head so that it can make easy to spot the drone.
  • Nuke. It needs 99 tags to be unlocked and it will drop the map and kill everyone who does not have spawn protection.

Now, how about codes for this game? Is there any codes that can be redeemed? It seems that until now, there are codes that you can redeem in the game. But, for the latest information about the games and also codes, you are able to follow the Twitter account of the creator @BuildIntoGames and you can also join the Discord server of the game named BIG Games which now has more than 165k members. Based on a source, even it is said that in the Big Paintball game, the codes have not been activated yet. So, if you are afraid of missing the information about the codes of the game, it is better for you to follow the Twitter account and Discord server of the creator.

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