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One of the FPS games that you are able to play in Roblox is Big Paintball. In this game, you will be able to buy weapons since there are a lot of types of weapons available. When you play this game, especially when you are using your weapon, you may think that you are not able to shoot well so that you need the aimbot script. Can we find it?

As you know that Pastebin is a good place for finding script. It is a website that you are able to use for storing any text online. So, you are able to share it with others. If you look for a script, you are also able to find it here. Now, how about aimbot script for Big Paintball game? Can we find it in Pastebin? If you visit Pastebin site, you are able to find Big Paintball  Aimbot Script Found By Mr gunz. This aimbot script was posted by MR_NONAMEGUY on November 11th, 2019 and has been seen more than 9k times. Here are the aimbot script.


You are able to try to use this script aimbot in the Big Paintball game in Roblox. Besides this script, you will also find Big Paintball esp+aim which was posted by a guest on November 27th, 2019. This script has been seen more than 6k times. Here are the part of the script.

local UIS = game:GetService(‘UserInputService’)

local RS = game:GetService(‘RunService’)

local Players = game:GetService(‘Players’)

local StarterGui = game:GetService(‘StarterGui’)

local Player = Players.LocalPlayer

local Studio = RS:IsStudio()

local PlayerGui = RS:IsStudio() and Player:WaitForChild(‘PlayerGui’) or game.CoreGui

local Mouse = Player:GetMouse()

local old_icon = Mouse.Icon

local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

targetpart = ‘Head’ — Don’t change this.

You are able to visit Pastebin site to see the complete script and then you are able to try to apply it in the Big Paintball game in Roblox.

Big Paintball is an FPS game in Roblox which was created by BIG GAMES on July 24th, 2019. This game now has been visited more than 142k times and has been favorited more than 921k times. In this game, you are able to cover your friends in paint on crazy battlefields and you are also able to unlock unique paintball guns with amazing effects. You have to complete challenges and level up in this game. The update log that have been done in this game based on the description of this game include two new weapons, more challenges, double credit weekends, and bug fixes. In this game, you are also able to buy some game passes such as Tempered AK, Elite Sniper, High Tech Sniper, Tempered Scar, High Tech Minigun and Money  Gun.

So, for you who are FPS game lovers, this game can be one of recommended games that you are able to play. If you are not FPS lovers, you can also try this game for your new experience. So, you can try to play it now and also try to use the aimbot script.

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