Best Roblox FPS Games

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Roblox FPS game is known as one of the favorite game genres on Roblox. The FPS itself is the abbreviation for first person shooter.

Roblox FPS  games are the games where the player is in “first person” which is looking through the eyes of the character and has a gun. The task of the game can vary from player to player. One of the best Roblox FPS games is called Phantom Forces. In this game, there is a certain task is for you and your team to defeat the opposing team, with each match having a different game mode with different win conditions. Furthermore about Phantom Forces, the game was rank at #4 on overall rank as of June 16, 2017. As of June 16, 2017, the game was #1 on rank in genre a with 190,000,000+ visits, 951,000+ favorites, and 93% like.

Some other Roblox games that considered as Roblox FPS games are Battlefield, Painball, Trouble in Robloxity, and so on. Battlefield is one of the most popular. This one was created by a creator named DeadzoneZackZak who also created the well know zombie survival game Deadzone. The game is based on the first person shooter series of the same name with the wide open environment and a big array of weapons and the attachments. In fact, it is actually modelled after the third installment in the series. Battlefield is popular with more than 2,000 players have played the game at the same time in he peak of the popularity. The game has quickly gained more than 1 million and 48 thousand plays since its first release in April 27, 2013 in just 20 days. Aside from that, it has gained more than 32,000 favorites.

Paintball is also considered as the popular first person shooter kurac game created by daxter33. The feature of this one is the players fighting in either red or the blue team and fighting the opposing team with the paintball gun in some kinds of game models. Every player is able to earn access to the different paintball guns by leveling up to the particular levels. Since the first time its release, this game has more than 360,000 favorites which makes it the fifth highest amount of favorites of any game on Roblox. On top of that, it is the second most played game on Roblox.

Trouble in Robloxity is the name of the FPS terror game just like Trouble In Roblox Town by Mahem. In the game, all innocents are the secret service who contribute in tracking down the spies, the traitors are the spies, and the detectives look for clies and defeat the traitors. The objective of the game is the species have to eliminate all the secret service personnel and detectives. Basically, there must be at least one spy left to win the round. In the end, the secret service and detectives must figure out who is the spy and take them down. For more information, you can visit Wiki.

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