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If you want to play a game with rap, there are some rap games on Roblox. Two of them are Rap Battles by Decabox and also Auto Rap Battles by Auto Rap Battles Community. Each of these games has millions visitors but the most visitors is Auto Rap Battles.

Rap Battles by Decabox was created on October 12th, 2018 and it can be played by 25 maximum players. This game now has been visited more than 8 million times with more than 61K favorites and more than 18K likes. This game is categorized into a sports game. In this game, you have to face off lyrically against your foes and become a rap god. Then, you are also able to build up a rap career, purchase rare hats, microphones and more. The new things in this game is VIP server owners which now have full mod admin commands, the ability to votekick other rappers, 10 new beats and also RP name which applies to everything in the game.

In this game, you are able to get some game badges such as Rap Battles, Building Up, Rap King and Rap God. Besides, there are also some game passes that you are able to buy including Admin |: cmds for R$ 666, Extra Rap Time for R$ 99, X2 Rap Chance for R$ 99, VIP Access for R$ 249, Rapper Name for R$ 99 and VIP Room for R$ 99.

If we talk about rap battle games, you may come here because you need raps for the games. If you are looking for best raps for Rap Battle Roblox, we have some raps that you are able to use. So here they are.

First Rap:

Ur a newbie rapper sucking on his thumb

Ur mouth is a crapper U dress like a bum

The only girl in ur life is ur mum

Now I aplaud u for making it this far by ur trash at spitting bars

U don’t have what it takes to be a star so go ahead and stear at my fancy car

Rap 2:

Unlike u got no bars ill shut u up and jail you up in mars

U won’t get very far spit out da bars now

Rap 3:

Ur a pool

U think ur cool

But ur just a fool I rule

Rap 4:

Life not fair

Ur not growing any hair

I heard ur very rare

Anyways I don’t care

So, Ima tell u what im gonna do

Im gonna throw tomatoes and yell boo

Rap 5:

Ur at home raking ur gonna be taken

I don’t care about the money ur not making

I’m gonna bring home the bacon

These raps can be seen in the Youtube channel of mega_plays entitled Top 5 Best Raps for Roblox Rap Battles. This video was published on March 18th, 2019 and now this video has been watched more than 60 times. Well, you are able to use these raps in the game. As you can see that these raps are cool enough to use, right? If you feel inspired, you can also make your own rap.

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