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Anime Mania in Roblox is an RPG anime-inspired game in which you can build a team of characters, upgrade them and also try to win arenas. In this game, you are allowed to play either solo or in team with your friends. If you want to get more characters, of course, by playing this game, you will.

In this game, you will have a chance to get some free gold and also gems. Of course, to get them, you should find the codes first and then redeem it.  Thankfully, this post will give you a list of active and valid codes for Roblox Anime Mania, let’s see them below!

Anime Mania Roblox Codes

Here’s a List of Roblox Anime Mania Codes

  • OffMeno: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward (New),
  • OFFSM00K: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward (New)
  • MHARelease?: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • 1PIECE: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • StarCodeBenni: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • Miracle: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • ibeMaine: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • animeMANIAHYPE: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • Aricku: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • Dessi: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • SPGBlackStar: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward
  • IFOLLOWEDYOU: By redeeming  this code, you will get Gems & Gold as reward

Well, the codes above are the valid and active codes, so you can redeem it as soon as possible to get your desirable rewards. Then, you should avoid to redeem the codes below as they are not valid at all, here are they:

  • bugsFIX

Here’s How to Redeem the Codes!

Once you successfully find the valid and active codes for Roblox Anime Mania, you may want to redeem it immediately. However, redeeming the codes for any Roblox games is pretty easy to do.

What you should do to redeem the code is to go to Roblox Anime Mania game. After that, launch the game. When you’re already on the game, you should find the ‘codes’ button which is usually located in the bottom-left of your screen.

Then, you should click on the ‘codes’ button and enter any of the codes that we’ve listed above. Last, click on the ‘submit’ button to redeem your rewards.

How to Play Roblox Anime Mania

You can begin playing this game by getting into and then you need to press the ‘roll’ button. In this way, you’re required to roll for your characters and make your team.

Sure, you will see on characters you summoned and hit equip on them. Afterwards, you have to hit what slot you want the character to be. To equip 3 characters, you will have 3 slots, so make sure to equip them as you want in the slots.

After creating your team, you can then play the game by starting a room and you’re able either to invite your friend or play alone. To do first raid, you should hit ‘play’ button. you can do it either private or public, so others can help you more.

While, if you want your raid privately, you’re able to make a code which people should put to join or you can also go to  a VIP with no one in it. Of course, the VIP servers here are free. In addition, you can use the codes above to redeem the codes and will have a chance to get some free gold and gems.

Here’s for controls guide if you play Roblox Anime Mania on PC:

  • Right Click: Heavy Attack
  • Left Click: Basic Attack
  • Jump + Left Click: Up Combo
  • 1,2,3,4- Character Skills
  • Left Click In air: Air finish or simply use a move.

Knowing the Characters on Roblox Anime Mania

As we know that this game is inspired by Anime, of course there are a lot of Anime characters which come from plenty of popular Anime Series/Film that appear in this game. Moreover, the characters which are available in this game will be default and also added to the game in the future. That means not all characters are currently available in the game.

To ease you knowing all characters in Roblox Anime Mania, this post will hlep you by giving the characters list below!

God Character can only be obtained by being a dev. (there’s no character known yet)

Mythical Characters

  • One Piece: Prime White Bear (Prime Whitebeard)
  • My Hero Academia: Majority For Individual (All For One)

Legendary Characters

  • Naruto: Mudra (Madara): Awakened Htachi (Awakened Itachi) and Minatoes (Minato)
  • Bleach: Pisuke (Kisuke), Kenpachi (Kentachi), Zarrk (Starrk), Nil (Ulquiorra) and Tamamoto (Yamamoto)
  • One Piece: Hawkme (Mihawk), White Bear (Whitebeard), Lace (Ace), Hanks (Shanks), Mochi Master (Charlotte Katakuri), Thunder God (Enel), Zakainu (Sakazuki Akainu) and Phoenix (Marco)
  • My Hero Academia: All Mighty (All Might), Hauled Over (Overhaul), Hell Flame (Endeavor), and Freezing Inferno (Todoroki)
  • Dragon Ball: Trolly (Broly),
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: Nojo (Gojo)
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:Deus (DIO)
  • Black Clover: Masta (Asta)

Rare Characters

  • Naruto: Hitachi (Itachi) and Concentrated Maruto
  • Bleach: Komodura (Komamura), Zyakura (Byakuya), Grimmjoe (Grimmjow), Visorded Echigo (Vizard Ichigo), Chilling Tukia (Bankai Rukia), Shinjo (Shinji) and Lad Unhinged (Chad Fullbringer)
  • One Piece: Alligator (Crocodile), TS Fuffly (Post-Timeskip Luffy) and Smogger (Smoker)
  • My Hero Academia: Labi (Dabi), Kakugan (Bakugo) and Cold Fire (Todoroki)
  • Dragon Ball: Future Hogan (Future Gohan)
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Joesuke (Josuke), Tojaro Pujo (Jotaro Kujo) and Coolnareff (Polerneff)
  • Devilman Crybaby: Atika (Akira)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Melidass (Meliodas)
  • Demon Slayer: Tangerine (Tanjiro)

Uncommon Characters

  • Naruto: Teen Maruto and Teen Sakaki
  • Bleach:Tukia (Rukia)and Bantai Echigo (Bankai Ichigo)
  • One Piece: Zolo, Cog 2nd Fuffly and  Godalomia (Bartholomeo)
  • My Hero Academia: Deku (Izuku Midoriya)

Common Characters

  • Naruto: Maruto (Naruto), Sakaki (Sasuke) and Trashura (Sakura)
  • Bleach: Lad (Chad), Echigo (Ichigo) and Puryuu (Uryu)
  • One Piece: Wami (Nami), Tanji (Sanji) and Fuffly (Luffy)
  • My Hero Academia: Laser Belly (Aoyama)
  • Dragon Ball: Son Monkey


  • Ninja Bandit
  • Bandit Swordsman
  • Cabuza (Zabusa)
  • Sound Ninja
  • Ranged Sound Ninja
  • Orochimaru

Here’s for Roblox Anime Mania tier list:

  • S-Tier: Madara, Gojo, Asta
  • A-Tier: Whitebeard, Minato, Broly, Itachi
  • B-Tier: Dio, Mihawk
  • C-Tier: Ace, SHanks
  • D-Tier: Kenpachi
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