An Error Occurred While Starting Roblox

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An error system in a game perhaps can occur unpredictably. It can be caused both by internal and external factors. Generally, the gaming error system occurs when there is an undetected bug/virus or server-crashed. So, this trouble also often happens in the game of Roblox at all. As Roblox player, have you ever get error occurred while starting Roblox? If so, don’t leave this page to get solution of fixing its trouble!

When you get pop-up notice suddenly on your screen while you are starting Roblox, you do not worry. It probably often appears in every Roblox player. Usually, the pop-up will appear when you have clicked ‘Play’ on any game, not only Roblox. The pop-up will show a notification as ‘An error occurred while starting Roblox’. With this trouble, lots of Roblox games feel upset and worried. They are automatically afraid that the game account cannot be opened permanently.

However, if you are receiving a pop-up on your screen while starting Roblox, it is better for you to look for some solutions from any sources. Even, there are several sites providing the ways about how to fix error while starting Roblox.

Here, we conclude the solution in fixing errors while starting Roblox from some sources. Try this soon!

Problems on PC

When an error occurred, it cannot be separated from the PC that you use. The problem certainly can happen caused by PC. However, the PC that you use can determine a game to work as well. If the trouble is caused by the PC, you have to download the recommended tool. This tool is in the form of software that is helpful of repairing the computer errors, protecting your PC from hardware failure, losing files, malware, and also optimizing your PC for maximum performance. So, how to run it?

Step 1: Download the RESTORO tool for your PC. You can visit to download it. This tool has rated excellent on

Step 2: After you have downloaded it tool, you can click ‘start Scan’ to find the Windows issues which can be caused by PC trouble.

Step 3: You have to click ‘Repair All’ to fix the issues with Patented Technologies. Sometimes, the site offers an exclusive discount for their visitor.

Trouble on PC Program

Besides on the PC, the error may happen on some programs on your PC. To fix it, you need to follow some instructions below!

Resetting Your Router

By resetting the router, it can be a good way to fix an error occurred while starting Roblox. You can press the reset button on your router at all.

Deselecting the Proxy Server Setting

The next step, you have to deselect the proxy server setting in Windows. To do it, you can press Cortana’s ‘type here to search button’ on the taskbar. Then, enter the keyword ‘network’ to open the Network status. Next, click Network and Sharing Center > Internet Options. Select the Connection tab. Press the LAN setting button. Then, deselect the USe a proxy server for your LAN. Finally, press the OK to close the window.

Turning Off Antivirus Software

In this step, you should turn off the antivirus software installed on your PC.

Adding Roblox to Windows Firewall’s Allowed Apps List

An error certainly can occur due to Windows Defender Firewall. If it happens, you have to add Roblox game into Allowed application. In Cortana search box, you can enter ‘Windows Firewall’, then select Allow an app through the Windows Defender Firewall. Then, press Change Settings button. Press the Allow another app. Click Browse and add Roblox. The next,  press Add button. Ensure that you have selected both of Roblox check boxes and allowed apps list. The last, click OK.

Reinstall Roblox

The last step that you have to do is to reinstall the Roblox apps on your PC. To do it, you need to visit Program and Features on your PC.

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