All Adopt Me Egg Locations

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Adopt Me is the name of the roleplay game created by DreamCraft and is able to be considered as the spiritual successor to the game called Adopt and Raise a Baby. This one features two parties, a baby and a parent. Basically, the parent should care for the baby. Aside from that, there are the other features such as obbies, pets, and customizable houses.

There are some eggs in the game called Adopt Me. You have to gather all of them so you will be able to get the benefits. Looking for the eggs might be hard for you and it will take a lot of time if you do not know the locations. In this case, you need to know the locations beforehand so you will not waste the time later. For those who are looking for the egg locations of Adopt Me, here is the information for you.

The first egg location is at the side of the map (under the tree). It is at the neighborhood. In order to reach the area, it is better for you to use the vehicle such as paradigling. If you want to stop flying, you can jump and if you want to control, you can rotate the camera. Once you found it, it means you have found 1 of 30 hidden eggs. The second egg also is at the neighborhood. Just like the first one, it is also located under the tree. The third location is behind the sign. It is the big pink sign located at the right side of the screen. In order to get the egg, you can climb up like if you do not have a glider or anything. The fourth one is located near the third one. You can just slide down and you will be able to find the fourth one located near the car. Those are the four eggs that you will be able to find at the neighborhood.

After finding the fourth egg, please exit the area and go outside in order to find the rest of the eggs. The fifth egg is located in front of the huge banner. The sixth one is located on the street. The seventh egg can be found at the top of the place or the store where the duck and penguin characters are there. The eighth one is placed around the location where you will be able to see some vehicles. It is behind the car for the exact. For the ninth one, it is also placed in the same place. It is near the bicycle. The tenth egg can be found outside the building. It is under the traffic sign. The eleventh one is located at the edge of the high place. Please be careful when you try to get it. Once you found that one, it means you need to find 19 more eggs. In order to find all of them, please check out the locations by visiting the Youtube channel named Lameck Luiz.

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