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A new user of Discord usually do not know how to add emoji to Discord. If you are a new user of Discord and you do not know how to add emoji but you really want to add emoji, you will be able to do that after reading this.

Emoji in Discord can be added to your chat or your channel’s name. If you want to add an emoji into the conversation, it is very easy. You just have to hover your mouse over the grayed-out emoji to the right side of your text bar and then it will turn from gray to full color while hovering. Then, you have to click on the emoji icon to pull up a list of available emojis right there at your fingertips. Next, if you find yourself wanting to drop more than one emoji, you are able to do that by holding down the Shift key while you are clicking away.

If you get a message with emoji from other user and then you want to react to the messages with emojis as well because you think that emoji will create better emotional show of expression than words. you are able to do that. There is Add Reaction button which is provided by Discord for giving quick response. If you want to use a reaction, click on the +smiley to the right of the message. This will be found next to the menu icon. Then, you need to click it and you will be given your full stable or emotes to select. If you think that one reaction is not enough, you are able to add more as the Add Reaction button will be located off the right of your current reactions emotes.

Now, what can we do if we want to add emoji in channel’s description and nicknames as well? Adding emoji in your channel or your nickname will make it cute. To do this, it is very easy. You are able to add it by typing in the full ID name of the emoji directly in the form of \:emojiname:. For example, if you want to add flame emoji, you can type in \:flame: to generate the flame emoji. This language is called Unicode.

The formula of Unicode can be found in some sites online to choose so that it can help you find the all emojis that you will ever need. One of the sites which provides Unicode is In that site, you are able to find the unicode with the emoji forms which appears in Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. You can get the unicode by locating it, highlight it, right click and then choose Copy and paste it into Discord. But, when you choose the emoji to use, you have to make sure that you copy it from the Browser column. If you prefer using copy paste emoji than unicode, you are able to use From the website, you just have to locate the emoji that you want to use, highlight it and then right click and select Copy. After that, you are able to paste it into Discord.

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