3 Easy Ways to Get Robux in Roblox with Builders Club Tricks

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Do you play a game in Roblox? In Roblox, there is one of the most important things called Robux. This term is a term to call the currency of Roblox. For every player, having a lot of Robux is one of the things you be achieved. Do you want to learn how to get Robux? If the answer to the question is yes, here are some easy ways to get Robux in Roblox with Bulders Club Tricks.

The first method is to use your Builder’s Club membership. The first thing you have to do to use this method is to open the official website of Roblox. Then, log into Roblox by entering the username and the password which is located in the upper left side of the page. the next thing you have to do is to click the option which is located in the top left corner of the window. By doing this step, there will be a pop up menu appear. Among the options, please choose “Upgrade Now”. It is the blue button one that near the bottom of the pop out menu. By hitting the button, you will be taken to the account upgrade page. Afterward, select the upgrade tier. You can click either the Monthly or the Annually button, depending on how many daily Robux you want to get. There are three categories that you should know. Those are classic (get 15 Robux each day), turbo (get 35 Robux each day), and outrageous (get 60 Robux each day). When you already decided, then it is time for you to select the payment method. Please check the bubble to the left of one of the options which are credit (pay with the credit card), debit (pay with the debit card), Paypal (use Paypal to pay), Roblox card (use the gift card’s balance), and Rixty (pay with Rixty online currency). You just have to click on the “Continue” button to go to the next step. Next, enter the payment details. Usually, you will be required to enter the card number, expiration date, and the holder name for the credit card or debit card. As for those who use Paypal and Rixty, you will have to sign into the respective accounts to verify the amount instead. The last step you have to do is to click on the Submit Order button which can be found on the right side of the page. By doing this last step, it will purchase your selected rendition of the Builder’s Club package. It means that it will add the appropriate number of Robux to your daily balance.

The second method is to buy Robux separately. First, open the Roblox website. Second, click the Robux tab. Third, find the number of Robux to buy. Fourth, click “Buy for”. Fifth, select the payment method. Sixth, click “Continue”. Seventh, enter the payment details. Eighth, click “Submit Order.

The last method is selling items. For further information about this method, you can visit the website of Roblox. So, which method you will use to get the Robux? Which one do you think is the easiest? Hope you get as many Robux as possible.

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