What is the Best Job in Bloxburg

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If you ask about what the best job in Bloxburg is, the answer of people may be different. Because everyone has their own preference about the job that they do in Bloxburg. In this article, we are going to discuss about it so do not miss any part of this article.

In Bloxburg, there are a number of jobs that you are able to choose to get money in the game. Those jobs are Cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food, Cashier at Bloxy Burgers, Delivery Person, Fisherman, Hairdresser, Janitor, Mechanic, Miner, Pizza Baker, Seller, Stocker, and Woodcutter. From these jobs, you can decide which job that can be suitable for you where you can enjoy to earn money. And even you can try one by one of the job to know the difference among them.

However, some of you still do not have any idea what kind of job that you want to take so that you want to know what the best job in Bloxburg is. The best job in Bloxburg may be Pizza Delivery Person. It is known that this job has the best paying and efficient job in terms of salary and bonuses. Here is the details of earning in Pizza Delivery Person.

  • 1st work lever – $25 for normal employee – $44 for excellent employee
  • 2nd work level – $36 for normal employee – $52 for excellent employee
  • 3rd work level – $98 for normal employee – $105 for excellent employee
  • 4th work level – $76 for normal employee – $115 for excellent employee
  • 5th work level – $94 for normal employee – $166 for excellent employee

If you want to see the more details of this list, you can check it at Roblox Wiki. There are 50 work levels in this job and the 50th work level, you will earn $3200 if you are a normal employee but you will earn $4000 if you are an excellent employee.

If you work as a Pizza Delivery Person, you will wear the uniforms which consist of a red polo shirt and also a black slacks. If you choose this job, you will ride a Moped to deliver pizza to a customer who is waiting somewhere on the map. It is important for you to know that the area of delivery is accessible from the inside and outside of Pizza Planet. There, you will see a conveyor that dispenses Pizzas for the player to pick up. If pizza is picked up, then a translucent yellowish orange arrow will come up and it indicated where the waiting customer is on the map.

Customers are able to be seen outside in various areas usually on the side of the road. If pizza is delivered, the customer will thank and then disappear. So, you can return to the delivery area to get the next pizza. Even though this job is the best job, but there is a disadvantage. The disadvantage is this job is slow and tedious process of delivering pizzas. In addition, the earnings for the first three pizzas delivered will reduced to prevent players from quitting the job to get a customer closer to the delivery area.

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